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Pre-order & open stock turkeys available for Thanksgiving. Mealtess options too!

Daily Menu

11am - 8pm
Friday, October 31st

Cheesy Chicken Casserole - A creamy pasta bake with vegetables, chicken and melted cheese

Rosemary Chicken - Chicken breast marinated and roasted with a tangy rosemary dressing

Jambalaya - A spicy cajun rice dish loaded with chicken and andouille sausage

Chicken Tikka Masala - Chicken cooked in a spicy...

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11am - 8pm
Friday, October 31st
Traditional Side

Grain Free Sweet Potato Pilaf with Bacon- Sweet potato and cauliflower with crispy bacon.

Cheesy Chicken...

Vegan Side

Bengali Biryani- Brown rice full of veggies and tofu.


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Owner Rewards

Owner Rewards are sales promotions that are available only to Owners of the Willy Street Co-op. New sales are offered each week from great items throughout the store.