December 2003

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Board Report
Peter L. Steinberg
WSGC Board Member

The Willy Street Co-op Board has not met since the October 11 retreat which was reported on in the last issue of the Reader. The next meetings will be on December 1, 2003 at 6:30 p.m. and January 5th at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room. Please consider attending the next Board meeting. Every Board meeting has a place on the agenda for a member forum, when any member can address the Board about anything of concern to him or her in the way the Co-op is functioning. The Board needs input from Co-op members to help guide the deliberations and decisions that we make regarding the current policies and long-term plans of the Co-op. While there are many reasons to celebrate the Co-op’s success, including the 30th anniversary of the Co-op, and the recognition of Willy Street as co-op retailer of the year, we cannot expect continued success to simply fall into our laps without hard work. There are many ways to participate in maintaining a healthy and strong Co-op, including serving on various committees, volunteering in the store, shopping Willy Street in preference to other stores, but the Board of Directors always appreciates hearing directly from members at our meetings. It is also a good opportunity to see the Board in action, and learn more about how the current Board sees its role in the Co-op.

Gifts on our Tables
We can rejoice in another year of access to some of the healthiest, tastiest food in the entire country, if not the world. Cold weather brings back many fond memories of celebrations involving food purchased from Willy Street, spanning a broad spectrum from pie pumpkins and fresh cranberries to turnips, sweet potatoes and persimmons, organic free range turkeys and unfiltered organic cider, and so many other seasonal delights. Somehow, good food is more comforting when the days get shorter and the skies turn grey. Remember that, without the hard work and collective spirit that sustains Willy Street, we would be hard pressed to find such wonderful gifts on our dinner tables.

The Long Winter Ahead
Watching the local animals and birds preparing for the winter should have reminded us to lay in a stock of supplies for the days when snow is blanketing the ground, the temperature plummets below freezing, and even a short trip outside requires layers of warm clothing and stout boots. Last month, I discovered a new use for a left-over Halloween pumpkin; placed outside, with a handful of peanuts and acorns deposited in the interior, it makes an amusing and effective squirrel feeder, as they hop in and out of the carved features, providing a close-up view of their amusing antics. The bird feeder, too, is attracting more customers, including such oddities as a white-headed cardinal. Helping the birds and animals survive the frost and darkness of winter helps maintain our own positive outlook. They need us, and that makes us feel useful and valued.

Here’s to Another 30!
We look forward to another 30 years of continued commitment to the highest standards of quality food, and co-operative enterprises!