December 2003

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GM Report
Anya Firszt
General Manager

Feeling Optimistic? Feeling Optimistic!
In the last few months I have been preoccupied with the floor and the minor remodeling projects we had going on around here... I can hardly believe six months have passed since the installation of the floor began. I am very much looking forward to reporting that the floor is done (done and done) and that there are other things than the floor to talk about—like groceries!

Kurt Grote, the floor contractor, presented to me early last month what appears to be an appealing and appropriate solution to the repair for the floor. Optiroc is the current floor surface, which has proven to be a challenge. The potential fix is a product called Dex-o-Tex, a popular floor surfacing material used in high traffic areas, which will pretty much be applied to the entire Optiroc surface. Pending a review of test samples and a positive evaluation from a third party floor “expert,” the work may begin as soon as this month. But, you know, nothing in this project has gone quite as planned, and I am expecting a delay of one sort or another. Experience has been a good teacher!

The main concerns with any product used for the surfacing of the floor are 1) safety (eliminating the raised and recessed areas of the existing surface), 2) non-slip/skid resistant, 3) maintenance (cleanability and durability), and 4) aesthetics.

How it Works
The Dex-o-Tex is a product that can be applied with a trowel, which will allow the existing surface to be raised to the top of the transition strips and inlays, rather than grinding down to make the floor level. Dex-o-Tex is a cementitious product, similar to Optiroc, but it has a slight texture (grittiness) when applied to the surface and is not as slick/smooth as the Optiroc. The finish coat or sealant will be polyura (a more refined polyurethane) product, which is less porous than the previous sealant and easier to clean. Dex-o-Tex can be tinted to match the colors we currently have, but when applied with a trowel will have mottled appearance and not appear as flat as the Optiroc.

We Will Not Be Closing
Another important point is that the work will be done while the store is closed, at night, to not further disrupt operations—meaning the store will maintain regular hours throughout the installation and the store will not be emptied of product. The store will be divided into 5 or 6 manageable sections and the application will not be done in one fell swoop. There might some funkiness while the work is being completed—the Dex-o-Tex will be applied one night, a protective barrier will be temporarily used over the Dex-o-Tex, and the following night the sealant will be applied. Sounds rather simple and straightforward.

Thank You
So that’s what I know at this point. I will inform you of any major deviation in the plan as outlined above via the website and in store signage. Thank you for your patience throughout this ordeal. I am hoping that 2004 will bring no new floor revelations.