December 2003

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Loretta Wilson
Produce Manager

Happiest of Holidays! As you gather with friends and family to celebrate your holiday meals let us provide you with the freshest ingredients. Food is only as good as the ingredients you choose and you know we have your desires. If you are joining a potluck and you’re looking for something wonderful to bring, we have lots of great food to excite the host. If you find yourself in a pinch you can pick up cut watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple or a vegetable platter with dip.

Organic Mandarins
A nice gift box is the 5-pound or 8-pound box of organic mandarin oranges. Everybody loves mandarins and they are only here for short window of time. They are perfect for children as well; sweet, juicy and so easy to peel. We’ll also have Clementine oranges from Italy, but, frankly, they don’t hold a candle to an organic mandarin!

The Very Best
Then again if you have the time to prepare something we have the very best ingredients right here at your Co-op. Our produce is delivered six days per week to us. We don’t store it here that long so that we rotate the very freshest product out to you daily. You could even create your own fruit basket to bring. We have cool ideas for gift giving throughout the store.

Organic Peanuts in the Shell
Football and snack fans be alert! We have found organic peanuts in the shell!! We have also found unsalted and raw peanuts in the shell. They are packaged and comparable in price to the conventional peanuts we bagged here. They will replace the conventional peanuts. You will find these on the produce aisle.