December 2003

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Readers’ Write!
Send in Your Recipes!
Q: I am disappointed each month to see that the recipes in the newsletter are just republished from Bon Appetit or similar publications. Could we do something more original? Use recipes from customers or local restaurants? Anyone can pick up Bon Appetit or Gourmet and look at the recipes. What’s the use of that? I’d also like to see more vegetarian recipes included.

A: I know! We’re working on it. We’ve tried to solicit recipes from other sources but it isn’t as easy as we thought it would be. We would love, love, love to print recipes from our members and customers. Please send them in! You can send the care of Reader Editor at the Co-op or by . Thanks for writing! -Liz Wermcrantz, Reader Editor

Thanks for the Gift Card
Q: I cannot thank you enough for the $100 gift card I won during the 30th Anniversary of the Willy St. Co-op! I have been a member of the Co-op for 22 years. It’s been exciting to watch the changes and growth. The Co-op is a very comfortable store to shop and I’m always impressed at the constant upgrades and improvements. The staff is interesting and friendly and very hard working. I believe the public notices all these things. May your next 30 years be as successful.

A: Thank you so much! It’s because of folks like you that your Co-op is so successful. -WSGC Staff

Tabouli Troubles
Q: What happened to bulk tabouli (dry mix)?

A: The manufacturer discontinued it. Sorry about that. It is the same as the Fantastic in Aisle 3 packaged. Thanks, Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

Bulk Soap
Q: Please try to order Kiss My Face soap in bulk in olive & aloe. If space is an issue, please consider losing one of the fruity scents. Thank you.

A: Hi! I’m taking you up on it. We will keep Pear Kiss My Face soap in bulk and bring in olive and aloe for those who don’t prefer the “fruity scents.” I have had requests from other members as well. -Kathrine, HABA Manager

Cloudy Coconuts
Q: I am having bad results w/ coconuts. I buy about 6 coconuts per week for juicing and at least half of them I buy I can’t use because they are bad - moldy, slimy, cloudy water, etc. Other “juicers” I know in other cities tell me they usually have 1 in 10 or 20 that are bad. I just bought 5 and 3 were bad. And I pick them carefully looking for “clean eyes.”

A: We are noticing black and white molds on our organic coconuts. I don’t know why we can’t tell on some. Please be patient. We’ll keep trying new shipments. One day soon we will have what we want. Of course we will always guarantee our quality and refund you fully for any produce problems. Stop at the customer service desk for your refund. -Loretta Wilson, Produce Manager

Pricey Fake Meat
Q: Why are “fake” meat products so much more expensive than the real thing? I know soy products are still catching on, and meat production is heavily subsidized, but it takes 12 pounds of feed (soy) to produce one pound of meat. Soy products are at least 3 times as expensive as their meaty counterparts. Why is this? Thanks

A: If meat were not subsidized it would cost approximately $32.00/pound. I believe the cost of soy products is due to the labor involved in the processing of the soy. Thanks, Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

Yummy in My Tummy
Q: Wonderful hot case dish today — so warming and gentle on the tummy, not over-loaded with pepper. Delicious Autumn Root Risotto w/ Roasted Pumpkin. Thank you for gentle spices and warming, tummy-comfort food.

A: Thanks! We are trying to update our hot case food to include some interesting but not overly spicy foods. We’re looking for tasty, comforting foods that are more seasonal, like the risotto. Thanks again, Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Community Bulletin Board
Q: Please return the community bulletin board to the front door area. People are much more likely to see the announcements about various events that way. I know that has been true for me. You could require that flyers be left with the staff so that the co-op can control the orderliness, etc. of the board, remove outdated ones, etc. Thanks for your consideration.

A: Thanks for your input. The decision to consolidate and clean up the entryway was based on member input that the area was too messy and congested, and we had valuable space that needed maximizing. The large board in the commons area is our renewed focus for community events/posting. We have accommodated an area in the foyer for flyers that we feel will make the area cleaner and better used. -Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Excellent Entryway
Q: New additions to entryway to organize paper looks great! Rain garden too!

A: Thanks for noticing. I love getting things organized! -Anya Firszt, General Manager

Stupid Clipboards
Q: Please get rid of the stupid clipboards. They are a demeaning waste of customer time.

A: I am sorry you don’t like the clipboards. Many people find them useful for writing down PLU numbers but you are certainly not required to use them. If you have another solution I encourage you to let us know. -Becca Schill, Front End Manager

Meat Questions
Q: Could you try to get in ground lamb (either fresh or frozen). I can usually get it at the Farmers’ Market or sometimes Jenifer St. Market, but it would be a lot more convenient to get it here with my regular shopping. Thanks!!

A: We do carry fresh ground lamb from Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms. We usually get it in on Fridays. It’s in the meat case with all the other Pinn-Oak lamb products. Thanks for your comment. -Paul O'Donnell, Meat Buyer

We Miss Meitzel’s
Q: Help! What has become of the Meitzel’s Chocolate and Carrot cakes? We miss it so!

A: We miss them too! Unfortunately Meitzel’s no longer operates and we are unable to sell their delicious products. Boo! But, the upside is that we are in the process of increasing our in-house bakery production, so check them out in the Juice Bar cold case! Thanks, Emily Strickler, Juice Bar Manager