January 2004

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Board Report

Barb Irvin, WSGC Board Member

Happy New Year from the Board of Directors!
We are looking forward to another good year for the Co-op in 2004. In fact, we are already into the second quarter of the Co-opís fiscal year, which runs from October 1 through September 30. Our accountants have completed the annual audit of the store and its finances and will present their report to the Board at our next meeting on January 5. They review not only the financial statements for the year but also other aspects of the Co-op management functions and make recommendations for possible changes.

A Strong Year
The preliminary financial statements show that fiscal year 2003 ended strong for the Co-op, which puts us into excellent position to pursue new opportunities to better serve the members. The Board and management are continuing to work on the best ways to achieve this goal.

Annual Report
This year the Co-op will be preparing an annual report to send to the membership, which will include a deeper look at the financial aspects of the Co-op. Look for it in the coming months.