March 2004

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Farmer Appreciation Dinner Wrap-up
Loretta Wilson
Produce Trainer

We had our second Farmer Appreciation Dinner in January. This year we invited farmers who supply our entire store and held the event at the neighborhood Wil-Mar Center. Madison’s own Lonesome Rogues entertained us all with their bluegrass tunes and classy, but homegrown style!

With the generous help of the Co-op’s managers, Board members, the Deli staff, and a few Produce hands, the Wil-Mar Center was transformed into an intimate family gathering. Our talented Deli chefs created a feast of vegan and vegetarian lasagna, and garlic bread and the produce department created a beautiful green salad and gorgeous vegetable platters. Dessert was cheesecakes from Wisconsin Cheesecakery.

Beyond the food there was a warm community shared among all of us. We members of Willy Street Co-op are truly blessed to have such an abundant number of farmers dedicated to raising hundreds of acres of nutrient rich foods and transporting these gems at their peak of flavor. Keeping Wisconsin green, healthy and diverse and in our local control is important to us all. We are rich to have established and maintained so many interdependent relationships with our farmers. These relationships were vital to us at our roots and now remain vital to our growth and development.

We members of Willy Street Co-op should feel proud of the relationships we build with our farmers. We plan the next season to try to ensure a winning situation for all parties. Other stores negotiate only once the product is grown and picked, leaving the farmer desperate in negotiations. For years we have honored our farmers by honoring our contracts. We also honor them by giving them a second chance to improve quality while other stores dishonor these accounts by never calling again! Remember that with each food purchase you make you affect the livelihood of a farming family. Now, that’s powerful!