March 2004

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Readers’ Write!

Vegetarian Eggs
Q: Woodman’s has these “vegetarian eggs” = eggs conceived by chickens fed only vegetables, “you are what you eat.” Could we get those here?
A: We have them! All of our organic eggs are from chickens fed only a vegetarian diet. Organic standards dictate that the chickens are only fed vegetarian diets. No mad chicken! Thanks for your suggestion. -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

Healthy Potato Chips
Q: So...we have this favorite kind of really healthy potato chip. They are these olive oil potato chips (I’m particularly fond of the Rosemary flavor). They are the only kind of olive oil chips I’ve ever found. I come often so would buy them often. Yes, Yes, thank you. Completely satisfied otherwise.
A: The one you are describing to me sounds like the Good Health Olive Oil Rosemary. If you want, we could special order a case for you. The Terra chips we carry have three different olive oil potato chips. Have you tried these? Space is limited, but I will see if any opens up for the Good Health. Thanks for your suggestion. -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

Challah Bread

Q: Please carry Challah bread. There is a wonderful bread selection with many bakeries providing the same type but no one supplying challah.
A: I have been looking for one for a while, but I do not know of anyone making one. I will keep looking, but if you find one let me know. Thanks for your suggestion. -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

Sugar-Free, Low-Carb
Q: Thank you for stocking more sugar-free and low-carb products. I know it can be really tough to find products that don’t have a lot of additives in them but I really appreciate the effort (the green onion tortillas are yummy!). Between that and the ESP (Everyday Sale Prices program), I will certainly shop here more often. Thank you!
A: Thank you for your positive feedback! We appreciate it!! -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

Bread Reservations
Q: Do you have a system for monitoring popular items and supplying accordingly? I ask this specifically in regard to the La Brea Rosemary Olive bread. My last several attempts to purchase it have failed because it seems that after noon or so it has all been bought out. With eight hours left in the store day, could you please stock more for those of us who can’t always get there before noon? Could you implement a reservation system? Or can we call customer service in the morning to reserve a loaf. I love that bread. Thank you.
A: Thanks for writing. The La Brea bread is baked off twice daily. First at 8:00am (sometimes earlier) and then again at 1:00pm. If you don’t see any on the shelf, please ask at the deli counter to see if any is still cooling. If you are interested, they can also give you a frozen loaf w/instructions on heating at home. To be honest, this is the way I prefer to get the bread myself, as it only takes 20 minutes to heat and is so much better warm. Finally, you are always welcome to call us in the morning and have some bread (or anything else) set aside for you. Thanks! -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Thanks for the Compliments
Q: Just wanted to say THANKS for all of your great work. I come to the co-op many times each week. I love the products and the staff. The deli/salad bar is awesome. And I totally dig the “ESP” sales. Thanks to all of you!
A: Wow—always nice to read a comment like this—I dig the ESP program too. -Anya Firszt, General Manager

Hot Sauce and Paper Bags

Q: Hi there! 1. What’s going on with the Sri Racha hot sauce? The shelf where it normally is has been empty for quite a while. Are you not carrying it anymore? Do you know other stores that do carry it? 2. I have a bunch of paper bags at my house. I read that you accept them. What do I do with them if I bring them in? Thanks for your help.
A: I spoke with Dean, the Grocery Manager and he tells me the distributor quit delivering to our store, so we’re looking for another vendor for that product. In the meantime, he thinks you should be able to find this sauce at any of the Asian food stores in town. Regarding the bags, we’d love to have you bring in your bags; just leave them near the food pantry shelf where we keep the box o’plastic bags in front of the registers. Have a great day. -Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Our Ginger has No Aspartame
Q: Why use ginger that may contain aspartame, red dye and potassium sorbate when you sell Eden ginger without these poisons? If cost is an issue consider pickling your own. I imagine you can find a recipe somewhere. While WSGC is my #1 shopping stop, I do appreciate WFM’s policy not to sell anything with dyes, preservatives or aspartame.
A: Thanks for writing. We actually use Buderim ginger for our sushi, which is certified organic. It has no aspartame, potassium sorbate or red dye. The ginger does have a slight pink tint to it, but it is natural, not a dye. The ginger we use in all of our other recipes is also organic. Thanks for your concern. Dan Moore, Deli Manager