April 2004

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GM Report
Anya Firszt
General Manager

Earth Day
The Co-op and Outta the Box, a nonprofit organization established to educate people about Cob, have partnered to design and build a Cob structure to improve the aesthetics of the Rain Garden at the Jenifer Street side of the property. Cob, a natural building material made primarily of clay, sand and straw, will be used to construct a decorative wall and archway along the sidewalk of the Co-op between the back of the store and the street. The structure will incorporate reclaimed and recycled materials from any number of sources, which might be normally discarded and deposited in area landfills. The project will take several months to complete, offering you the opportunity to learn about Cob, assist in the digging and development of the wall foundation, and a hands-on experience building the Cob structure. There is additional information included in this issue outlining the process, timeline, and opportunities available for you to participate in-see page 26.

The Board and management team met for the first time (to my knowledge) as a group last month—the group totaled 22 including the meeting facilitator, Barb Hummel. The meeting was primarily designed to introduce the management team to the Board and talk about next big steps for the Co-op. The group was asked to listen to the ideas researched by the ad hoc opportunities committee about expansion options that face the Co-op. The entire group accepted the concept made by the ad hoc opportunities committee to research the development of an off-site kitchen (production facility), investigate options to expand the existing footprint of the current site, and further research second site options and partnering opportunities. The Board has asked that management first present to them a plan for the off-site kitchen, which would include the details (equipment list, costs, locations, wholesale options, and partnering options) of such a project/facility. This will be reviewed at an upcoming Board meeting, and if accepted by the Board, presented to the membership (you) for approval.

The member relations committee will organize a meeting to report on the expansion options and discuss the decision the membership is being asked to vote on. Stay tuned!

Taste of Willy Street
The Greater Williamson Area Business Association (GWABA) is proud to announce the third annual Taste of Willy Street. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 4, 2004 with two seating times: 5:30 and 6:45 pm. The annual GWABA fundraiser will showcase 15 Williamson Street neighborhood food businesses and will include everything from appetizers to desserts. Tickets for the event are $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under available at Star Liquor and the Co-op.

Loretta on TV
You can see Willy Street Co-op's produce trainer Loretta Wilson on “Two Women, a Book and a Wine.” The show, which airs on WYOU Channel 4 in Madison from 7pm-8pm every Monday, will have in April a 20-minute interview where Loretta discusses the importance of organic food.


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