April 2004

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Readers' Write!

Boca vs. Morningstar
Q: We love Boca Links and Patties! What happened to them? Where did they go? Is this a PC, one-big-food-mega-corporation-is-better-than-another-big-food-mega-coporation decision? (Customer service said they were being replaced by Morningstar, hardly a local food producer) When other things are more or less equal, go with taste.
A: Lots of comments about carrying Morningstar product, because it tastes better led to this decision. It is good to hear someone voice a Boca tastes better opinion. Thanks, Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

All Eyes on Me
Q: Why does it seem that you all stare at me when I’m in the coop? Everybody’s watching me!
A: I’m sorry that you feel that way. The next time you come in, please ask for me and I’ll be glad to discuss this with you personally. Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Cheese Merchandising
Q: Would it be possible to merchandise the cheeses into 2 sections. One containing cheese that contains no other animal products besides cheese. The other containing cheeses containing animal products such as rennet and enzymes? Thank you, Willy Street Co-op is AMAZING.
A: As a matter of fact, we’re working on a new labeling system that more readily differentiates vegetarian from animal rennet cheeses. Thanks for asking! Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Toxic Cottonseed Oil
Q: I am concerned that the co-op sells foods with cottonseed oil. Cotton is one of the most highly-pesticided crops, using pesticides that are not approved for food use. These poisons are then concentrated in the oil, which is then put in our food (such as Pepperidge Farms cookies). I really don’t think that foods containing such a HIGHLY toxic ingredient should be sold at the co-op. Many people are unaware of what they’re eating, including lots of kids.
A: We provide a wide variety of cookies and crackers that are made with natural oils and fat, but there is a demand from our membership for name brand products that do contain this low quality oil. If you need help finding the products that do not contain this oil, please ask for a grocery stocker next time you are shopping. We have written many articles about good fats and oils, but maybe it’s time to do it again. Thank you for your suggestion. Pearl Wienandt, Assistant Grocery Manager

Oil in Glass
Q: Could we get a cold-pressed hemp oil that is bottled in glass rather in plastic, or special order it (is it available?). Oils mix with plastics to create toxic plasticides. Thank you for your time and consideration!
A: This product isn’t currently available to us, but will keep an eye out for it. Thank you for the request. Pearl Weinandt, Assistant Grocery Manager

Coconut Oil
Q: Pu-leeze stock coconut oil - I have to go all the way to Whole Foods to get it. I will buy it regularly. Thanks.
A: It is on the shelf in Aisle 4 with the oils. Thanks for your suggestion. Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

We’ve Got Your Number
Q: I’m curious about 5 gal. water jugs. I was talking to an informed person about glass vs. plastic. His knowledge taught him that glass is the best but if one had to use plastic that a 1 or 2 in the recycle triangle is the best and the higher number it is the more plastic is leaked from the container into water. Do you know if this is true and if so can you get a plastic jug with a 1 or 2 or glass. Note that 1 gal. Jugs are a 2.
A: Sorry about the delay...#3, #6, #7 are suspected of leaching. #1 and #2 are better, except when exposed to sun for a long time. I have done some research and it seems like this is the current wisdom. We sell #2 plastic jugs already. They are the “white”/red-capped ones. Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

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