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Do You Have What It Takes to Serve on Our Board of Directors?

Willy Street Co-op (WSGC) Directors oversee community assets invested in the store estimated at $3.7 million and sales projected at $12.8 million. This means that your participation on the Board can have a profound impact on the neighborhood, the lives of our members and shoppers, and the natural food businesses and farmers that rely on the store to get their products to market.

Each year, three seats are open for election. Are you the perfect person to join us as we set a future course for the Co-op and keep the investment that member-owners make in the store working for the good of our community?

New Board members are mentored to be brought up to speed on current issues and policies affecting the Co-op. Each year, WSGC sponsors new Board members to attend the Consumer Cooperatives Management Association meeting in June, where workshops on co-op directorship and networking help to orient all of us on issues, strategies and trends in natural foods retailing. Past conferences were held in Boston, Chicago, Eureka, CA, Portland, OR, and Cleveland, to name a few.

Help us put WSGC’s success to good use for the community and the natural foods movement. Run for the Board!

• Make a difference in your neighborhood and the natural foods movement.
• Develop leadership, business management and teamwork skills (great for the resume).
• Obtain formal training on how to serve as a director, useful should you serve as a director on the Board of other organizations.
• 15% discount on all Co-op purchases.

• Be a WSGC member-owner.
• Care about needs of our near East-side neighborhood, our Co-op members and Co-op staff.
• Have an interest in sustainable agriculture, food, and health issues.
• Have an interest in learning about cooperative business and community development.
• Commit to a three-year term.
• Attend quarterly and special meetings, the General Membership Meeting, our yearly training and the yearly planning retreat.
• Use critical thinking and come prepared for efficient, productive discussions.
• Serve on at least one Board committee.
• Educate yourself and other Board members on issues related to our business and mission.
Please Respond to the Following Voter Education

1. Why would you like to be on the WSGC Board and what do you hope to accomplish during your term? [150 words max]
2. What skills or experience will you bring to the Board? [100 words max]
3. What is WSGC’s role in the community and what would be lost if it closed its doors? [100 words max]
4. Other comments? [100 words max]
Please include a photo for placement in the September newsletter and website.

Nominations/Election Process
Get your letter and photo to us before August 5, 2004 or at the General Membership meeting. Plan to attend! All nominees will be introduced to the membership at this time. If you wish to address the membership, that would be great! Your response to the above questions will be printed in the September issue of The Reader. Submissions that go over the stated word count will be edited for space. However, full comments will be placed on this website. Please include your address, telephone number and member number. We will verify receipt of your letter. Send nominations to:

Nominations Committee
1221 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703

Balloting begins on September 1st and continues through September 20, 6pm. Ballot counting will take place on September 20th, when winners will be announced.

Questions? Contact Nominations Committee Chair, Michael Lavitschke (Otis) at 242-0691, or him.