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Kathy Humiston
WSGC Staff

Welcome to June—month of “perfect” summer weather, graduations and weddings, food fests and flowers and Father’s Day cookouts. And of course June is known as “Dairy Month,” especially here in the Dairy State.

Cheese Primer
Our June book special focuses on dairy products—cheese if you please! Cheese is a favorite snack food and protein source for most folks. Whether you eat cheese daily or as an occasional treat, chances are good that you’ve found yourself standing in front of the cheese case wondering what a particular cheese might be like. What is the difference between Pecorino and Parmigiano or Brie and Brick? Is “cheese food” really cheese? Why? Here at the Co-op, you can almost always have your questions answered by one of our friendly and knowledgeable cheese department staffers—but what happens if they aren’t available, or if you are shopping elsewhere or traveling? Cheese Primer by Steve Jenkins to the rescue! This book takes you ‘round the world sampling cheese, discussing origins, characteristics, flavors, fat content-you name it and Jenkins will answer your questions. The book discusses cheeses from across Europe, Scandinavia and the United States, gives suggestions for serving, and is full of trivia and quick recipe ideas. It would make a fun gift for a dairy-lovin’ dad. Cheese Primer is on sale at 15% off in June.

The Smoothies Bible
Smoothies can really simplify food preparations during the heat of summer or anytime. They can be a fast, light breakfast or a mid-afternoon thirst quencher or anything else you’d like! And what a great way to get more fruits and veggies into your kids! The Smoothies Bible by Pat Crocker is packed with recipes using almost any fruit, vegetable or herb you can think of. Each food profile includes any special prep that might be necessary. There are dairy based smoothies, juice-based, and frozen or hot smoothies. Crocker recommends combinations for particular health concerns and discusses additives such as sweeteners, nuts, protein supplements and more. There’s sure to be something here for every taste, season and reason. Cheers!

The housewares department is now carrying a larger selection of Bodum coffee and tea presses. You’ll find assorted sizes and styles from large eight-cup presses to travel mug presses for those really rushed days! We also carry tools to make your grilling fun and efficient—grill woks and toppers, bamboo and metal skewers, tongs and turners. Find ‘em all at the back of the store near the meat case. Happy Summer!