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Readers' Write!

Cars Using the Bike Entrance

Q: The Co-op must do something to prevent cars from driving in and out of the parking lot via the back bike entrance. I have seen people in cars use the bike route as both an exit and entrance. Arranging concrete barriers in a narrow way so cars could not fit through is one solution—a few fence posts with a bike-sized space between is another. Right now these slobs are thwarting the intent of the city, endangering bikers and making a joke of our efforts to protect the neighborhood and environment.

A: I will look into having a post installed at the parking lot side of the bike path. -Anya Firszt, General Manager

Pregnancy Weight Gain Clarification

Q: On page 23 [of the May issue], it says that you do not need to gain more than 5-10 pounds. Is this a misprint? If you start out at a normal weight, and only gain 5 pounds, I would hope that the baby weighs more than this! I can understand it if you start out being overweight.

A:Sorry for not qualifying that statement! Yes, if a woman starts out overweight, she can gain as little as 5-10 pounds and still provide everything she needs for herself and her growing baby. This is due to the fact that she possesses extra nutrient stores. It is also due to the fact that overweight women probably require less weight gain to support estrogen levels, because body fat plays a role in estrogen production. However, most women will gain around 30-35 pounds in pregnancy as a natural response to increased hunger and the need to keep blood sugar levels stable. Even overweight women will probably have little trouble losing this weight after birth, especially if they are breastfeeding. Maternal weight gain may be somewhat predetermined by genes. Apart from some type of eating or medical disorder, I trust that a given woman is gaining an amount and in a pattern that is just right for her —be it 5 or 55 pounds. -Ingrid Andersson, CNM

Smaller Cilantro

Q: Is it possible to sell cilantro in bulk or in smaller quantities? Every time I buy it, half ends up going bad before I can use it all.

A: Unfortunately the bunch size is how we receive them from our distributors/farms. I can suggest a way to store cilantro to help keep it alive longer—slice off the roots and put the bunch in fresh water. Store this in the fridge and change the water frequently. Slice off the bottoms to keep the cilantro fresh even longer. I hope this works for you. -Jenny Ohlsen, Produce Manager

Twist-ties vs. Tape

Q: I’m wondering why you choose to use the tape to close your dried fruit, bulk, etc. bags and not twist-ties. The tape does not easily come off and almost always rips the bags which I would like to reuse. Would it be possible to switch? I bet people would be willing to bring used twist-ties back if it’s a question of cost. Thanks!!

A: Sorry, but the tape is almost impossible to switch from for two reasons. 1) Sanitary issues (to prevent someone from tampering with your food) and 2) We want you to only pay for what you’re getting. The twist-ties could allow someone to tamper with the weight of your baggie. It’s a product integrity issue—feel free to take an extra twist tie from bulk if you need to reclose the bag after cutting off everything above the tape to avoid ripping the whole bag. -Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Pesticide Usage Listing

Q: Could you provide as a handout for members a listing of the amount of pesticides used on different conventional produce items? If these amount vary from one year to the next, perhaps a listing for 2003. Surely this information is available somewhere.

A: Thanks for the great suggestion. I’ve compiled that information into a binder, which is hanging in the Member Resource Area across from Customer Service. Have a great day! -Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Outside Mural

Q: How about a mural on the white wall along the building side? Maybe a fanciful circus since this used to be where the circus was?

A: The mural is currently tabled until we are sure we will or won’t be making any major changes to the this building. Thanks for bringing this fun piece of history to our attention! -Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Incense Issues

Q: Yo Folks! Get rid of or put in glass the incense. Major fragrance headache material. Please note: fragrance has fixatives which interrupt female hormones which is why women in their 30s and 40s have the worst time with this.

A: We’ve really worked hard to keep the incense off the beaten track to avoid folks having unwanted contact with it. On the other hand, it’s very popular and the folks that appreciate it want it to be easy to shop. We’ll review its placement and see if there’s a better solution. Thanks for the input. -Wynston Estis, Assistant Store Manager

Way to Go, Deli!

Q: The Summer Cous Cous was excellent today.

A: Thanks for the comment. It’s always nice to hear good things. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Bulk Nutritional Information

Q: I’d love to have the nutritional information on the items in bulk. I’ve noticed some have it and some don’t. Any possibility of standardizing?

A: As more nutritional information comes to us we will put it on the product. Sorry for your inconvenience. It is a work in progress. Thank you for your suggestion. -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

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