August 2004

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Readers’ Write!

Strawberry Container Update
Q: (Originally published in the July issue) The strawberries are really great! But I wish they could be in recyclable containers (#1or #2) or non-plastic containers. Any possibility of this?
A: (From the Vendor) Driscoll’s is moving towards converting all of our packaging to a level 1 recyclable material (Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET), which is accepted in virtually all recycling programs across the county. Because we have so many different types of berries and package sizes, changing our packaging is no small undertaking. But we recognize it’s important—to our consumers and to the earth—and it’s in keeping with our continued commitment of using renewable resources wherever we can in all areas of our operations. Look for Driscoll’s new (level 1) recyclable package line in 2005 and thanks for your interest in —and commitment to—recycling! -Lori Bigras, Marketing Project Manager, Driscoll Strawberry Associates

Clean Cashier Hands

Q: Please give cashiers some soap-less hand cleaner to have at the registers. Some products can be messy &/or health concerning (raw meat) and the need to have an opportunity to wash hands is probably difficult when they are stuck at a busy register.
A: Thanks for your comment. We do have Citra-Solv (diluted) in spray bottles at every register and towels so cashiers can clean their hands and their register area. If the cashier gets a lot of blood on their hands, they can call the manager on duty to ring for them so they can more thoroughly wash their hands immediately. We encourage the use of plastic bags (located next to the fresh meat case) for aiding us in this problem. Many think we are judging their meat consumption by the way we handle the meat but rather we are trying not to contaminate your fruits and vegetables. Thanks for your concern. -Becca Schill, Frond End Manager

Cold Tasty Treats

Q: AAAAH! Oh, it is SO HOT outside—a nice selection of ICE CREAM would make me so happy. Would you kindly provide us with a wondrous ice cream bar with dishes and cones to make our summers more memorable?
A: Thanks for the comment! We are currently working on new menu offerings in this area making better use of the Oatscream we already offer. We’ll be posting updates and making them available ASAP. -Liam Donohue, Juice Bar/Bakery Manager

Palm Heart Harvesting
Q: Why do we carry palm hearts? Harvesting this little heart kills a 20-30 foot tree that is left standing lifeless. Rarely is the entire tree (palm) harvested and replaced. Considering how few of our members actually know what it is why do we carry it?
A: Good question!! We carry them because folks want them for salad, stir-fry, etc. Permit systems are being introduced. Also, with better sustainable management practices, over-harvesting and deforestation do not occur. The Native Forest brand is sustainable. The other thing I think we should consider is this: when we buy palm hearts that are sustainable we help support local and indigenous people in those countries. Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

Give Up the Garlic
Q: Please leave the garlic out of the salsa! I can’t make any social plans after eating it! (or a pico de gallo sans garlic).
A: Thanks for writing. Not having a social life of my own, I never really thought about salsa without garlic. We’re kind of garlic nuts around here though, so I’ll talk to the kitchen manager and see if we can come up with a traditional style salsa with no garlic. Thanks, Dan Moore, Deli Manager