October 2004

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Write Us! We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form at the Customer Service desk. Each month a small selection is printed in The Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Toaster ovens and unfrosted cakes
Q: Thanks for the toaster oven I suggested. Someone should clean it every day. I think carrot cake should be cheaper with no frosting. No frosting on the bakery department carrot cake.

A: Thanks. We’ll look for someone to help out with cleaning the toaster oven regularly. Cake without frosting is an idea that we’ve considered and will continue to do so. In the meantime, feel free to consult a bakery representative about special orders. Thanks! -Liam Donohue, Juice Bar/Bakery Manager and Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Italian Mondays
Q: I would love to see Italian Monday instead of Lasagna Monday (ravioli, mostaccoli, spaghetti, eggplant parmesan, pizza, manicotti). Basically, anything else, please!

A: Thanks for writing. We do lasagna day mostly because the lasagna is so p0pular, and so we can offer both versions (vegan and cheese) at the same time. We do a lot of Italian food on other days of the week. For example, just this week we had Eggplant Parmesan and Ciambo, an Italian veggie stew. Check out the menu on our website, or ask at the counter. We have Italian days strewn throughout the week. Thanks for your comment. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Trading recipes with Brattleboro
Q: You should trade recipes with Brattleboro Food Co-op deli in Vermont. Their Surfer spread is great. I bet they would like the Jeff’s Cheezy Bowties.

A: Hi, thanks for writing. I called Brattleboro for the recipe and our cooks will try it out! Thanks for the suggestion. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Egg carton recycling
Q: I would like to see either bulk eggs or reusable egg cartons in the dairy section. I usually buy two dozen New Century eggs per week and have yet to find a use for all the cartons.

A: We are considering selling eggs bulk. By law, egg vendors cannot reuse cartons. I understand your frustration and appreciate your suggestions. Thank you for your comment. -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

Organic cheese options
Q: More varieties of organic cheese, please? There are so few here.

A: Thanks for writing. We currently carry every variety of organic cheese offered by Wisconsin Organics and Organic Valley with the exception of Baby Swiss. The vast majority of the rest of our cheese is cut and wrapped here. Since we are not certified organic handlers, we can’t label any of this cheese “organic.” Therefore, our Cheese Buyer decided to go for the lower price cheese as opposed to the organic in an effort to keep the prices on the shelf more affordable. If there is a specific type of organic cheese you are looking for, let us know, and we’ll see if it’s available! Thank you. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

The atmosphere of the commons
Q: While the salad ingredients were delicious, the dining room atmosphere was disappointing: flies and chilling temperature. Felt like eating in a refrigerator.

A: I am sorry that you had that experience. Unfortunately, the commons area is not separated from the retail floor area. We must keep the retail floor area cool to keep the coolers running efficiently. The Wisconsin humidity makes them frost up. The Co-op is like your house: lots of friends are here, there is good food here, and it is clean. It is unlike your house because the doors are always wide open (The front entrance AND the receiving doors). We do our best to keep the flies out, but it is inevitable that they will fly in. Thank you for the comments. -Fred Knoch, Maintenance Coordinator

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