October 2004

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by Anya Firszt, General Manager

1882/Off-site kitchen facility
What do these items listed have in common with the Co-op?

• Virginia Woolf is born.
• Central States Cooperative League began in Grant, MI
• Married Women’s Property Act passed in England.
• Edward Hopper is born.
• Madison population is 12,000.
• Chinese calendar-year of the metal snake.
• Michael, Best, and Friedrich law firm was Jenkins,
Elliot and Winkler.
• Warmest recorded extreme temperature in February (34degrees).
• Nikola Telsa invents alternating current generator.
• First United States Labor Day Parade, NYC.
• Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overturn debuts in Moscow.
• First dairy cooperative was founded in Denmark.
• First noxious algae growth documented.
• James Conklin is the Mayor of Madison.
• William E. Smith/Jeremiah McLain Rusk governors.
• Jesse James is shot in the back and killed.
• Bela Lugosi is born.

What do these items have in common with the Co-op? Nothing really-except that 1882 is the street address of the new off-site kitchen-1882 E. Main Street. The Co-op has signed a lease with Accipiter Properties for the off-site kitchen facility. The space will officially become ours to install equipment on November 1, 2004. It’ll be ready for production the first part of January.

In 1998, when the Co-op purchased 1221 Williamson Street from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, there was party celebrating the event before the remodel of the building began-the same kind of celebration is planned for the off-site kitchen facility. On October 8, please join us in a nickel tour of the site, listen to good music, and take a glimpse at the floor plan. Details are on the back cover of this issue.

1864/Monroe Commons site
As of the printing of this issue of the Reader, there is no news to report on the developer’s decision to partner with WSGC or not. The timeline for their decision to be announced has been delayed until possibly middle to late October.

In the meanwhile, the Co-op is designing a member loan (bond) program to support the member’s financial portion of the project if it comes together. The bond drive will begin in November 2004; details will be made available once the Board has approved the final bond document.

Monroe Street Fair
The Co-op had a presence at the Monroe Street Fair in late September, where several Monroe Street Grocery Co-op Board members and Wynston Estis staffed an informational table. There were many inquiries about the status of the ongoing negotiations with the developers, and a list of names were generated for us to stay in touch with about the progress of the site plan development and/or negotiations. The developers had on display site plans and elevations (scale drawings) for people to review.

FY2005 election
Congratulations to the newly-elected Board of Directors. Results of this year’s elections are on the next page. I’d like to personally thank Michael Lavitschke for his dedicated service to the Board.