November 2004

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Juice Bar and Bakery News

by Liam Donohue, Juice Bar Manager

The air is growing chill, and the wind is picking up. The trees begin to bare themselves and the holidays are once again approaching. This is a very exciting time for us in the Bakery department when we get to really show our colors and do something special. So warm up to the fire, have a cup of hot cider and dig into a delicious piece of warm apple pie!

This year has seen, and will continue to see, a staggering array of changes for the Bakery department. In the course of the last year we have gone from a small-time operation producing a handful of baked goods to supplement the product we received from our suppliers to producing more and more of our product in-house and fresh for our customers. This means a variety of things to patrons of our bakery including access to custom-baked goods made to meet your needs—from traditional desserts you know and love made with quality organic ingredients to delicious alternatives containing no dairy, wheat, or sugar.

This holiday season we will be unveiling something very special: the long-awaited bakery special order program. Many of our cakes and desserts currently available in individual sizes are now available for parties, meetings, and any other special occasion.

First on the list of desserts now available by special order are the cakes. We will be offering such favorites as carrot, mocha, and double chocolate cakes in nine-inch and nine by thirteen sizes with simple decorative accents (shell border and smooth or textured frostings). We are more than happy to do inscriptions and additional designs upon request.

Another favorite we are happy to offer is our pies. We prepare our piecrusts and streusel toppings with the utmost care, and use organic fruits and vegetables from our produce department whenever they are available. For a list of seasonal pie offerings just consult our special order brochure, the website, or a bakery representative.

New York cheesecake

In addition to these time-honored favorites we will be offering a traditional New York cheesecake, rich and creamy and sinful, either traditional with sour cream baked topping or with fresh seasonal fruit or chocolate ganache. This one is sure to win the hearts of every partygoer!

Chocolate treats
For the die-hard chocolate-lover we offer our delicious triple chocolate tart—a chocolate shortdough crust filled with rich bittersweet chocolate and finished with a Ghirardelli white chocolate garnish. Impossible to resist! We also offer a traditional tart made with a rich shortdough crust, pastry cream filling, and a topping of seasonal fruits an apricot glaze.

Muffins, cookies and bars
For those times when what you really need is something of the more breakfast-oriented or finger food variety, try our muffins, cookies and bars. They are available in a dizzying array of flavors and styles including everything from classic chocolate chip cookies to our nutty and sweet bumble baby bars. They’re available by the dozen. For a full list of offerings, just stop by and pick up a brochure. We’d be happy to help you find just the thing you’re looking for!

So this holiday season, and all year round, if you’re looking for something sweet and delicious, the Willy Street Co-op Bakery is the place to go. We’ve got something for everyone.