January 2005

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Customer Comments

Turning left out of, and ticketing in, our parking lot
Q: People do not obey the “No left turn between 4:30 to 9:30 AM and 4:30 to 7:00PM” sign. Please enforce this somehow. It is very frustrating and dangerous and holds up lots of traffic. There must be a way to enforce this somehow.

A: Turning left out of our lot during busy times can indeed be a dangerous prospect. I have highlighted this problem with our neighborhood police officer, Officer Jean Papalia. Officer Papalia agrees that turning left during the posted hours is ill-advised and supports the posting we have.

Unfortunately, all we can do is ask all of you lot users to respect the sign—turn right to go around the block during busy traffic times. Waiting for the perfect window clogs our lot, puts you and others at risk and ultimately may often take longer than going around the block. So: please skip the risk of being found at fault in an accident and take the easy road when necessary.
While we’re talking about the lot: we are revamping the signage to allow the Madison Police department to automatically ticket folks who use our lot at night. It is vital for us to keep the main, eastern section of our lot clear of all cars to allow for very early morning deliveries. We routinely have to ticket or tow folks who use our lot while not shopping. Now, we want to be good neighbors and allow patrons of other businesses to park in our lot at night, so: those parked on the fire department side of our lot when we are closed will not be ticketed so long as their car is gone by 7:00 AM. This represents at least a $40 savings over parking in the main section of our lot. Please watch for our new signs soon. -Dan Frost, Operations Manager

Food pantry donations
Q: Had you considered offering pre-assembled bags of “staples” for the food pantry shelves? Some of the mega-chains do this and it makes it simple for folks who want to give but aren’t sure what is needed.

A: While I really appreciate the work done for hungry people at other grocery stores, all of our donations are made by our members by either cleaning out their pantries or purchasing food while they’re in the store shopping. Even though I understand what you’re suggesting, I am also aware that once the food is received by the food banks, they separate the food by type and discard the bag anyway. Thank you. -Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Salmon choices
Q: Do you have wild caught smoked salmon available? From the brand I see, they all look farmed. Thanks, if you don’t carry wild caught, please consider.

A: After calling the folks at Morey’s Seafood and talking with Bob from the Seafood Center, I am assured that the use of the word “chum” standardly indicates that this salmon is in fact “wild-caught.” Apparently, chum is not an especially desirable member of the species, which makes a prolific amount of them available in the wild, especially suited for the smoked varieties. Good question! -Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Grab-n-go woes
Q: The rectangular “grab & go” containers have ridges all over the inside, which results in wasted product (because one can’t get the remaining food out of all the little ridges). Please switch to containers, which are smooth inside for creamy products.

A: Thanks for writing. After much research in and around the midwest we discovered that the new containers are pretty much the standard for grab-n-go products. They store better in our back stock; more fits on the shelf; they display food better and they have a tighter seal. Unfortunately, they are not available in non-ridged form. Sorry. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Much appreciation
Q: I was forced by time constraints to shop at Jenifer Street Market the other day and boy, did I ever leave appreciating how fantastic our Co-op is! The produce, the deli, the great organic selection...we have it so good here. I had forgotten & it was a good reminder! Thanks to all of you (& us) who make our Co-op happen.

A: Wow—It is always so fantastic to get a comment like this! Thank you. -Anya Firszt, General Manager

Spinach request
Q: Please, oh please bring back Harmony Valley bagged spinach. It’s my favorite!

A: Oooo—Harmony Valley spinach is delicious, you are right—deep green! We carry H.V. spinach bags and bulk when available. As it is the cold season, spinach is out of season now for Harmony Valley. The farmers get much needed time off for a while before planning for the next year. We’ll make it through the winter and H.V. spinach will return. For now it’s from California. -Crystel Wienandt, Assistant Produce Manager.

Information on receipts
Q: Is it possible to not have full checking account numbers printed on your receipts? Seems a bit unnecessary. And a security/privacy risk.

A: Alvin, our Point-of-Sale Manager, will try and remove or mask actual checking account numbers. -Anya Firszt, General Manager