January 2005

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Deli News:
A Fiberiffic Feast from the Deli

by Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Growing up, I always thought a high fiber diet was something my grandmother had to worry about. You know—a bowl of bran flakes in the morning and some sort of nasty orange-flavored drink before dinner. But not only is a high fiber diet instrumental in reducing the risk for such common problems as diabetes and heart disease, it turns out that you can have a diet rich in fiber without giving up flavor. In the Deli, we serve a variety of dishes that prove this point.

For starters
Let’s try a sample lunch suggestion to prove my point. We’ll start with appetizers. I suggest a half pint each of our guacamole and raw nut pâté, served with some organic whole-wheat sourdough from La Brea Bakery. All three are made fresh daily by our cooks, and the dips feature the best organic ingredients available to us. The avocados give you 2 grams of fiber, the pâté 7 more, and add 1 from the bread and you’re already at 10 grams of fiber, or almost half of your daily needs.

The main course
I’d recommend some enchilada pie as a main dish. Our own Friday tradition, this is a vegetarian take on a Mexican standard. Made with black turtle beans, corn tortillas, cheddar cheese, and our homemade enchilada sauce, this pie packs a walloping 15 grams of fiber into each cup.

Side dishes
As your side dish, try a serving our black-eyed pea salad. Traditionally eaten in the south on New Year’s Eve to bring wealth and luck, the main ingredients are black-eyed peas, carrots, celery, spinach, onion, and parsley (with a great balsamic vinegar dressing.) In one four-ounce serving you get almost 8 grams of fiber.
No one eats just one side order though; so round out the plate with some our delicious and beautiful beet salad. Always a favorite around here, it’s served with a lime dressing and is a deep, dark red that visually complements all the food around it—and it’ll add 1 more gram of fiber to our meal.

Now it’s time for dessert. Honestly, if you want a great high-fiber dessert you really can’t do any better than heading over to the produce department and grabbing yourself a big, juicy pear. Pears cleanse the palate nicely (especially important after a heaping helping of enchilada pie,) and offer up 4 grams of fiber on average.

Total fiber
Let’s take a look at our total. After all the courses are complete we end up with a total of 38 grams of fiber, with 25 being the recommended daily allowance, and not one bowl of bran flakes to be seen.