February 2005

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New deli sandwiches
Q: OMG! I love, love, love the new artichoke canellini sandwiches! I love the whole new “line” of pre-prepared sandwiches, in fact, but this new one...WOW. Thanks, Deli, once again for rocking my world.
A: Thank you!! Our sandwich specialist had a whole lot of time to work on new ones, but had really wanted a non-nightshade sandwich. We got him some help, and the artichoke canellini came out of his extra time. Thanks again. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Parking etiquette
Q: People are very inconsiderate in their use of the parking places for differently-abled. Please save these spaces for people who need them. Today I watched a woman using a walker have to walk across the parking lot because a van with Illinois plates (no handicap sticker) and a taxi were parked there. I realize these aren’t legal handicapped spaces, but I’m appalled at people’s laziness and inconsideration.
A: It’s through your communication that we’re better able to educate each other. Thanks for your concerns about other people’s welfare. We’ll keep a better eye on it from here, but thanks again for the reminder. -Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager

Hot dogs and bacon
Q: Hi. Please carry Applegate Farms organic hot dogs and bacon. No other brand is gluten-free. Obviously, we have very restricted diets and it is difficult to find things to eat. So please consider carrying Applegate Farms hotdogs and bacon. The other stuff you carry will make us sick. Thank you.
A: Hi. Thanks for the comment. I checked into it, and Applegate does not make bacon. I do have Beeler’s Bacon which is gluten-free. As for hot dogs, I can special order the Applegate’s for you. I do have Organic Valley hot dogs, which are gluten-free. They are both in the frozen meat section. I hope this helps you. Thanks again. -Paul O’Donnell, Meat Buyer

Product requests
Q: Please carry: Rice parmesan cheese (you currently carry two types of soy & no rice); and frozen cubes of wheatgrass juice. I currently must go to Whole Foods to get these two items.
A: Parmesan: I will look for a source. I think Soyco makes one. Thanks for your suggestion!! -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager. Wheatgrass: The reason we do not currently sell WG in other than fresh cut/juiced for is due to the natural deterioration of nutrients after juicing. I will look into this further to determine whether or not our information is correct. Thanks for the suggestion. -Liam Donohue, Juice Bar/Bakery Manager

Hummus prices
Q: Well, you finally made it. At $6.99/lb. the regular hummus has doubled in price in one year. That seems a bit extreme, especially for such a staple.
A: Thanks for writing. Yes, this is extreme, but it now accurately reflects our costs. The hummus is made with organic ingredients excepting the extra virgin olive oil. It is also now packaged in 100% recyclable containers. Sorry. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Blue cheese blues
Q: We need blue cheese crumbles on the salad bar. All the other stores have them. I had to buy $4.09 worth to put a little on my salad. Thanks.
A: Thanks for writing. The blue cheese currently available to us costs more than the $5.49/lb. we charge on the salad bar. I will look into a more affordable option. Thanks for asking! -Dan Moore, Deli Manager