April 2005

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Soy and Earth Day

by Kathy Humiston, WSGC Staff

Welcome to Spring! Happy Earth Day! And thanks for putting aside those seed catalogs long enough to learn all about soy in the Reader this month...

Soy of Cooking
This cookbook by Marie Oser is filled with tasty ways to incorporate all forms of soy foods into your diet. Silken tofu masquerades as eggs and cheese in Oser’s rendition of Spanakopita; tempeh is completely itself in Tempeh Teriyaki; soymilk shows up in a big assortment of breads, baked goods and desserts; and miso is everywhere. There are several recipes incorporating soy replacements for ground beef and sausage as well. Soy of Cooking also contains a glossary of soy ingredients and other basic pantry staples and suggestions for making the transition from meat and dairy to soy in your daily life. Soy of Cooking will be on special for 15% during the month of April.

Estrogen the Natural Way
Soy foods also have a starring role in Estrogen the Natural Way by Nina Shandler. This book grew out of Shandler’s experience with menopause and her desire to avoid hormone replacement therapy. Soy and flax are the foundation of Shandler’s plant estrogen pantry, combined with a plethora of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and some great looking fish recipes. These recipes are basically all vegan and do not use refined sugars or flours.

Better Basics for the Home
April 22nd is Earth Day, and all month we will be getting reminders to take better care of our home. Why not try your hand at making and using some earth-friendly cleaning and body care products this month? Annie Berthold-Bond is an authority on environmentally safe cleaning alternatives. Her book Better Basics for the Home has 868 formulas for various projects around the house. She starts off with a thorough housekeeping assortment, but then goes on to give recipes for skin and body care, pet and garden formulas, and pest control. There is a chapter on home care and hobbies that gives tips on everything from safe paints and adhesives to car care, homemade finger paints, play dough and more. She finishes up with an extensive list of resources for supplies or more information. This is a comprehensive guide to safe housekeeping that will make it easy to take care of Mother Earth.