April 2005

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Parking woes
Q: PARKING! Good people are ready to fight over scarce parking! Can we do anything? Also, I just leave when it’s too bad. Thanks.
A: I don’t know exactly what to do. We are investigating second site options to potentially draw sales away from 1221. Also, when warm weather arrives, we will see an increase in walking and biking traffic. -Anya Firszt, General Manager

And more parking woes
Q: Parking has become progressively more difficult and the Co-op is correspondingly less attractive of a place to shop. What about a discount for people who come here on foot/bicycles/public transit? I don’t have any good ideas about how the system would work, but the current situation is what I had least hoped would happen when the store moved down Willy Street.
A: It’s a good idea—how to “verify” I am not sure—bike helmet, lock key, wet stripe up the back? -Anya Firszt, General Manager. P.S. I would be happy to figure something out!

Salad bar timeliness
Q: Can you have the salad bar ready at 8am when you open? I always stop by early and would like to pick up my lunch for later in the day. Thank you.
A: Thanks for writing. I’ll look into this. It is my intention that it should be open at 8:00am, and I will check in with staff to make sure it is. At the very least, there should be greens and toppings available—soup is a little more difficult to have at that hour. Thanks. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Candy free kids
Q: Move the candy-free check-out closer to the play area so we can watch our candy-free kids play while we check out.
A: Good point. I’ll put it on our roster of good things to do! -Wynston Estis, Assistant Store Manager

The diva cup
Q: I think that Willy Street Co-op should carry the Diva Cup—a reusable alternative to tampons/pads. Reduce waste! Happy ladies. Thank you.
A: Wow—you must be reading our minds! We do plan to get them soon. They did have a hefty price increase though. They’ll be on our shelves soon. Thanks! -Lisa Stag-Tout, Wellness Manager

Plentiful checkout lanes
Q: No matter how busy the store is, you always have plenty of checkout lanes open. Thank you! It may seem like a small thing, but it means a lot to me.
A: Thanks for noticing. I, and the floor managers, always try to be aware of the long lines and do all we can to avoid them. Unexpected short staffing does happen on occasion, but I think we do a pretty good job. Please let us know if you have to wait in long lines. It is important to us. Thanks for the positive feedback! It is always appreciated. -Becca Schill, Front End Manager

Dog spot?
Q: Will you please consider an area where we can leave our dog outside? Perhaps a designated doggie spot behind the building so people afraid of dogs won’t be bothered, but we can stop in while on a dog walk. Thank you.
A: This is a request that has been made before, and it’s not one we can legally figure out. There exists a city ordinance prohibiting dogs from being not in their owners’ control. I want you to be able to shop while on a dog walk, however, the fear factor has dictated the ordinance as well as dogs that aren’t friendly and should not be unattended. -Anya Firszt, General Manager

Salad bar issues
Q: Individual salad dressing bottles at salad bar are a hassle, because there is no place to set salad down and use both hands to open bottle, pour, etc. Can we set aside counter space to set salad down, or go back to ladles for dressings?
A: Thanks for writing. I agree with you 100%! The small bottles were brought in because our supplier decided to stop carrying the food service size. In the past, we made our own dressings but stopped because our rapid growth made it difficult to find room to store ingredients and table space to prepare them. We will bring back Willy-made (and ladle-served) dressing now that we’re in our new off-site kitchen. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Real soy sauce, please
Q: Please get some real soy sauce packets to go with the sushi. The stuff you’ve got is water, salt, caramel coloring... Real soy sauce is much better! If cost is an issue, you could charge 5¢ or something.
A: Thanks for writing. Cost isn’t really the issue here, it’s just the only thing I could find, and I currently drive to Monty’s to pick it up. For some reason our Asian foods distributors do not carry these packets. I will change it if I find some, though! -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Delicious granola bars
Q: Bakers, Thank you very much for the awesome (almost decadent) granola bars! Do you sell by the pan? They are wonderful!! Thanks again.
A: Thank you! No, we do not currently sell them on the retail floor by the pan, but they can be special ordered by the dozen. Just come in and speak with a Juice Bar/Bakery staff member or call. Thanks! -Liam Donohue, Juice Bar and Bakery Manager

Sugar-free flavored syrups at the Juice Bar
Q: Could you stock sugar-free flavor syrups at the Juice Bar? Vanilla and hazelnut would be good ones to start with.
A: Good idea! We will look into the availability of these. -Liam Donohue, Juice Bar and Bakery Manager

Handmade art in the aisles
Q: I just noticed the handmade “Bath Accessories” sign above the rack. It looks really cool! It would be nice if you could have more handmade signs here and there throughout the store where and when needed.
A: Thanks for your comment! We’re working on adding more, although it is going slowly—good work takes time. I’ll pass along your praise to the artist. Watch for more of his and other artists’ work. -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager