April 2005

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by Anya Firszt, General Manager

Monroe Street site
The fact is that from one month to the next, or even from one week to the next, new options are pitched at me for the development at 1864 Monroe Street and our ability to locate a store there. The newsletter deadline is today—two days from the Common Council meeting scheduled to review the plan and recommendation from the Board of Estimates that approved the TIF funding. The outcome of that meeting will be known before the next issue is produced... stay tuned.

Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD)
Off-site Kitchen Manager Amy Spector met with Frank Kelly and Iris Tirrado from the MMSD to discuss the timeline for the off-site kitchen to produce items via REAP’s Wisconsin Homegrown Lunch program to benefit every public school child. Doug Wubben, from Wisconsin Homegrown Lunch, has been actively pursuing contracts for the kitchen to fulfill.

Eastside Farmers’ Market
Can you believe it? The winter just flew by, and we are ready once again to start the Eastside Farmers’ Market located on Ingersol Street a block-and-a-half northeast of Williamson Street. May 3rd is the opening day for the 2005 Eastside Farmers’ Market season. Hours are Tuesday 4:00pm to 7:00pm weekly through October.

Capital Budget FY2005
The membership approved the capital budget for FY2005 effective October 2004; purchases and/or installation of the items identified as capital improvements. Two items have been tackled:

Photovoltaic installation
The electric meter is rolling not quite so fast since the photovoltaic system was installed at the Co-op—we’re actually using electricity produced by the sun. The photovoltaic project was one that was birthed out of the planning and development work done prior to beginning the remodel of 1221—and the necessity to manage the project within budget prohibited us from installing photovoltaics at that time (1999). Our follow-through on the work way back started in 1997 is rewarding—and a testament to the greater good we can offer the membership and community by being able to be an example of greener building practices and alternative energy sources. In the May issue of the Reader a more complete explanation will be provided for your review.

New telephone system
Hello... you have reached the Wilily Street Co-op ... how may I help you? The Co-op has a new telephone system to increase the level of service and use for the current site and to absorb the additional needs placed on the organization due to the off-site kitchen. Calls are no longer placed on hold, but “parked”in an “orbit.” The new system can accommodate more—it can multi-task unlike a dedicated single use/single line system could. To place a call or fax any open line is used; no longer will a caller have to wait for the open fax line to fax a document. Calls into the store can be routed to the off-site kitchen without the caller having to place another call or learn another number.

Thank you, Laurie
I would like to thank Laurie Wermter for her many years of service to the Co-op. Laurie served on the Board beginning with her appointment to fill an open seat in January 1994. Laurie was elected to four three-year terms. As a librarian and union labor supporter, she brought a unique perspective to the Board. Be sure to thank her for her service the next time you see her.