May 2005

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Bakery Suggestions for Springtime Events

by Ingrid Gulliksen, Juice Bar Staff

After many months of planning and anticipation, the Willy Street Co-op Bakery has officially moved its production facility and is now located in the same building that houses the new off-site kitchen. Our bakers have lots of wonderful new equipment, plus a much larger workspace in which to create their culinary delights. Freshly-baked goods are delivered daily to the Willy Street Co-op store, where they are then stocked in their usual locations by the Juice Bar. Your Co-op bakery takes pride in being an efficient, full-service bakery, staffed with professionally-trained bakers and pastry chefs ready to provide you with delicious treats for all of your entertaining needs.

Graduation party
It’s already May, and that means that high school and college graduations are fast approaching. Are you planning a party for a special graduate? As the finishing touch to your festive table, delight all of your guests with not one but two beautifully decorated and inscribed layer cakes: one baked with traditional ingredients and one vegan (no animal products, no dairy), to accommodate all dietary tastes and needs.

Champagne brunch
Is an elegant champagne brunch on your horizon? Consider a selection of our always-popular muffins as a welcome addition to your brunch menu. We’d like to suggest one dozen prepared in the traditional manner and another dozen prepared with all-vegan ingredients. Your vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-sensitive guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness—and everyone will love the muffins!

Memorial Day picnic or barbecue
Memorial Day is Monday, May 30: a solemn holiday to be sure, yet at the same time, the unofficial kickoff to summertime fun! Have you been thinking about taking advantage of our long-awaited warm weather by having a Memorial Day picnic or barbecue? Whether you’ll be grilling meat, fish, fowl, or veggies, make your picnic or barbecue memorable by including some of our Co-op bakery’s sweet treats in your menu. How about one or more dozen of our ever-popular (and fast-disappearing!) cookies or bars? And, to provide all guests with a choice, remember that some varieties of our cookies and bars are vegan, wheat-free, and/or sugar-free—in other words, something for everyone!

Bridal shower luncheon
May and June are two of the most popular months for weddings. Are you planning an afternoon bridal shower? Perhaps our popular fruit tarts or cheesecakes would work well as part of your luncheon menu. Fruit tarts are topped with an apricot glaze and seasonal fruits. Cheesecakes, which can also be topped with seasonal fruits, are prepared with either traditional or vegan ingredients, according to the needs and preferences of you and your guests. Please consult a Co-op baker to find out which seasonal fruits will be available at the time you will be placing your order.

Bakery special orders
All of the above bakery selections, as well as many others, can be ordered by using our Bakery Special Orders form. These forms are located on the antique hutch to the right of the Juice Bar ordering and pick-up counter. Simply fill out the form with your item choices, your name, phone number, member number, and the date and time of day your order will be picked up. Please keep in mind that a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for all bakery special orders. Then hand the form to a Juice Bar or customer service staff member, who will then make sure that it is forwarded to our bakery.

On order pick-up day, just come to the Juice Bar, request your special order, and we will be happy to get it for you. Using the Bakery Special Order form is an efficient, easy, and convenient way to get the products you want, tailor-made to your specifications—ready and waiting for you when you want them. I recently used this method to order a dozen vegan muffins made with cherries, one of my favorite fruits. I showed up on the appointed day and time, and there were my lovely muffins, fresh out of the oven (and delicious!) and exactly as I had ordered them.