June 2005

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by Kathy Humiston, WSGC Staff

Welcome to summer! As I write this it is a chilly 30-degree morning in May, but I have clear visions of June in mind... warm breezes, lush flowerbeds and well-sprouted vegetable gardens. Lazy days floating in lakes or pools or pedaling down a quiet road and winding up with the smell of barbecue grills scenting the neighborhood.

The Barbeque! Bible
It seems that most everyone enjoys grilled food, but lots of us would love to be more proficient and creative when presiding over the flames. The Barbecue! Bible by Steven Raichlen is a really big salute to the coals. Raichlen gives us over 500 recipes for delicious grilled foods from all around the globe, covering the menu from appetizers to dessert. Basic cooking methods for chicken, burgers, fish and veggies abound, but you will also find the unusual—Grilled Eggs with Vietnamese Seasonings, yummy-sounding Fish Yassa from Senegal and a great assortment of grilled salads, breads and desserts. I’m thinking the Grilled Sugar-Dipped Pineapple will be a hit at my house! Raichlen includes a thorough discussion of the various types of grilling equipment available and how to use it all. There are recipes for beverages to enjoy at the fireside and a history of grilled foods around the world.

The Barbecue! Bible will add to your grill-skills year round, and if you are thinking about a gift for Father’s Day this could be it—what man doesn’t like to be master of the backyard flames? The Barbecue! Bible is on sale this month at 15% off the publisher’s price.

Vegetarian suppers
Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison’s Kitchen is a new title on our shelves. Many of these recipes are quickly prepared on a busy weeknight, but Madison also includes more leisurely weekend and company fare. As always, Madison’s emphasis is on fresh, seasonal produce, making this a great book for all those goodies from your garden and the local farmers’ markets.

Real road food
Summer means travel for lots of folks and often that means miles of highway with seemingly no food choices other than the ever-present fast food chains. There are a couple of books that you might want to tuck into your glove box to help you find real road food, especially of the vegetarian variety. The 2005 National Co-op Directory lists food co-ops across the country so you can eat well whether you are camping or just passing through town. The listings all have contact info and open hours; many also include directions. Along similar lines is Healthy Highways by Nikki and David Goldbeck. This little book covers all our co-op friends, but also includes other natural foods stores and eateries ranging from pubs to food carts to restaurants with vegetarian menus. Obviously, the restaurant listings are not all-inclusive, but there are over 1900 entries to help you find a meal on the road. All listings include hours, contact info and local driving directions. Happy Trails!