June 2005

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Deli menus and garlic bread
Q: We think it would be great if you could post a sign in the deli listing what hot items will be served each day of the week ahead of time. It could even be printed in the Reader. A daily “lunch special” would be very helpful! We love you!! P.S. What happened to garlic bread on Mondays? We miss it!! P.S.S. We love you, we really, really love you ALL!!

A: That is a great idea. As a matter of fact, we have that list on our website. We don’t quite have it at the point where we’re a month-and-a-half ahead—the required time for getting it in the Reader, but we’re working on it. Oh, and garlic bread on Monday will return next week! -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Beautiful art
Q: The wall painting and wall paint above the Deli are so beautiful. I really need to stop and tell you that I love that graphic. It looks like sunlight shines through it! The vegetables seem to shine with life—and light—well done!! Thanks.

A: Thanks—that’s the work of our Art Coordinator, Amber McGee. I’ve passed along your kind words and she definitely appreciates them! -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager

Petting zoo
Q: I would like to see a petting zoo on the grassy area in back (i.e. mowing zoo). It would bring people in but how much trouble would it be?

A: I trust you are serious—but it is my understanding that chickens are the only barnyard animals allowed in the city—not big grazers. -Anya Firszt, General Manager

Salad bar blues
Q: The salad bar has good variety—I enjoy the salad bar and use it often. A few comments: 1. This past week salad mix has been very poor —lots of yellow and decaying leaves. Any chance of rejecting those bad batches of salad greens and instead chopping up fresh lettuce from produce? I noticed other salad bar customers picking through salad also. 2. Sometimes I come in and there are empty dishes in salad bar—it is possible to fill these with something from display case instead of leaving them empty?

A: Thanks for the comments. The salad mix is poor due to extremely bad weather for greens. We try to reject yellowed product, but our choice was limited and some slipped through. We’ll try to do better. The dishes will start to empty out towards the end of the night. We’ll try to do better at filling throughout the day, but at night we have to throw away leftovers so we’re trying to limit the stock past 7:00pm until we get the hang of this. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Wallaby quarts
Q: I love the Wallaby organic yogurt! Any chance you’ll be getting this in quart containers?

A: They just came out with a quart size, and hopefully it will be available soon. Since we are in the Midwest it could take awhile. Thanks for your interest!! I thought the Wallaby’s fans would enjoy a bigger container. Take care and thanks for your suggestion!! -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

A tough transition
Q: I understand that the new off-site kitchen is a tough transition to make. Just wanted y’all to know how much I miss the selection in the deli case and the salad bar. Thanks. P.S. Can we get mixed greens and tomatoes back in the salad bar?

A: Thanks for the concern. Hopefully by the time this gets posted we’ll have corrected the problems. Uncertainty regarding federal regulations and unforeseen equipment/staffing problems contributed to the lack of production but we think we have
fixed most of those issues. As far as greens and tomatoes go, there has been a lot of bad weather making these items difficult to get and poor quality when we do get them. Hopefully this clears up soon. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager