June 2005

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by Anya Firszt, General Manager

The Co-op will continue to consider options for second site locations within the Greater Madison area—the ad hoc Opportunities Committees has met since the announcement was made to abandon the 1864 Monroe Street site and is reenergized to look for and review other options.

I had the opportunity to visit Seattle last month, and while there visited several co-op retail storefronts—the PCC Fremont site was an important store for me to see and proved to be an excellent example of a multi-use facility (grocery retail, underground parking, and residential units four floors up) that worked. It was the proposed Monroe Street site in action—in that city in that neighborhood property values are high and uses need to be maximized. The concept there at that site was nothing new or unique as there were other examples of multi-use facilities in many neighborhoods throughout Seattle. And look at New York City—grocery stores on the ground level with umpteen stories of office and residential above it have been commonplace forever. I sincerely hope that the developer of 1864 Monroe Street does not opt to throw the baby out with the bathwater and can sign a lease with a grocery to meet the terms of the TIF and approved plan and provide the neighborhood with a much-needed site to purchase groceries.

The concept for Metropolitan Place is the same as Monroe Street and for Union Corners and maybe even the E. Washington redevelopment area—stay informed of the neighborhood decision-making process! And, you can be certain that you will be called upon to cast your vote on the next proposed site location for the Willy Street Co-op.

Another expansion option not to be forgotten is the redesign of the current site, which has not been a topic of conversation with the recent talk of second site, but rest assured the plan will be on the next Opportunities agenda for reconsideration.

Parking lot
The date for resurfacing the parking lot is Tuesday, July 12th. We have decided to schedule the resurfacing of the parking lot while the store is open—on a Tuesday the slowest of our sales days after the Independence Day holiday. And, on a Tuesday afternoon you can shop at the Eastside Farmers’ Market! After considering the pros and cons of this approach (close the lot but keep the store open) versus performing the work in two phases and closing the lot on two separate occasions (delivery nightmare) or closing the lot AND the store to complete the work—the decision was to limit the inconvenience to you as much as possible and close the lot once, keep the store open, and hope that Mother Nature does her part in maintaining dry conditions! Raindate is scheduled for July 26th.

Additional parking lot items
The concrete bumpers located along the fire station side of the building will be set back from the sidewalk’s edge to force car/truck tires to stop before pulling out over and into the sidewalk path—this should allow for more passage space on the actual sidewalk itself.

And for bicycles with trailers and trainers in tow—a bike rack will be located in the front courtyard area with room enough to park the extended cycling gizmo without blocking sidewalk or walkways.

Northside Farmers’ Market
The Northside Farmers’ Market is to be located at the spacious Sherman Plaza (Northport and Sherman Ave intersection) across from Warner Park beginning in June! The market hours are Sunday 8:00-1:00pm and will include an abundant selection of locally grown farmer products.

Brats in the lot
We raised over $1100 at our May Brats in the Lot event. The proceeds will go to Atwood Community