September 2005

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Labeling the spices
Q: You may do better at letting people know there are organic and non-organic herbs and spices if you put a lower, easy-to-notice label.

A: Organic spices are in red-lidded jars and labeled organic. Non-organic spices are in green-lidded jars. They are both separated according to organic status. I’ll see if we can label each section better. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Supervisor

Say it loud, say it proud
Q: I was just reading that asparagus is the highest in folic acid of any vegetable, but that isn’t mentioned on your sign. Great produce!

A: You’re right! Asparagus is high in folic acid, and it’s not on our sign. We’ll get it on there. -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager

Red pepper prices
Q: Hi—as much as I appreciate Willy Street’s variety of produce —Why are we still getting red peppers from Holland? I for one will not pay $8/lb. for peppers! Surely we can do better? (BTW: Jenifer St. market has organic red peppers for $4/lb.).

A: Local red peppers are just around the corner. We received our first local green peppers last week. Reds should be soon. I’ll talk to the buyers and see if there’s something more affordable than the Holland peppers in the meantime. -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager

Local cherries
Q: Why not Wisconsin Cherries? Door, Crawford and I’m sure others.

A: Door County cherries are not offered to us by our vendors; we also haven’t had any growers knocking on our door. We’ll look into this and see if we can find a grower (preferably organic) who would like to work with us. -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager

Wonderful wheat-free pasta
Q: Please, please, please get RP’s new wheat-free fresh pasta. It’s great! Especially for us wheat intolerant folks. Thanks.

A: We are selling it right now with the other RP’s fresh pastas at the end of Aisle 1. It has been going out of stock due to its popularity. We should have some in again soon. Thanks for your patience!! -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager

Jumpin’ for Javalanche
Q: I’ve been told that Stonyfield Farm makes a tremendously fabulously new frozen (non-fat organic) yogurt called Javalanche. Can we try some?

A: Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve decided to bring in this product. It should be on the shelf soon next to the other Stonyfield frozen yogurts. Hopefully it is as good as you’ve been told. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Supervisor

Variety herb packs

Q: Please encourage local farmers to make variety herb packs. I came for one tonight and you are out. I can’t afford to buy each of them separately.

A: We’ll talk to Claire at Troy Gardens and see what she can do! -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager