November 2005

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One Year Ends, Another Begins

by Anya Firszt, General Manager

Fiscal Year 2006

Traditionally the Co-op has a regular business year, 4 quarters or 52/53 weeks, to conduct business. However, last year the membership voted to change the fiscal year from the Sunday nearest September 30 to the Sunday nearest June 30. The current fiscal year, FY2006 is a short year—3 quarters or 39-weeks. The change of the fiscal year to June allows for the year-end close to occur at a less busy time of year, not at peak grocery retail sales, which begins in October lasting through January.

We will be squeezing many things into this shortened year—moving any dates tied to the budget approval process from beginning in March ending in September to beginning in January and ending in June.

Year end close

The work to close the books for FY2005 is underway, marked most notably by the counting of inventory on the last day of the fiscal year (October 2). At this point, the accountants, Wegner LLP, are scheduled to do their fieldwork review of the books (bank statements, invoices, account receivables, etc.) in mid November. Once that work is completed, Wegner will prepare an audit report for presentation to the WSGC Board at the December board meeting. The audit is a review of our operation from an external third-party observer, and the main means for the Board to evaluate that the numbers reported in the financial statements are accurate, and the processes we use are sound.

Store closing early

The Co-op has on a few occasions closed the store early in the last six months. In addition to the traditional holidays, including Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, we decided to close early for Rhythm and Booms, the summer staff party, and year end inventory count. This was not altogether welcomed by a vocal minority of members (eight)—not because the decision was made to close early, but that the mechanism to inform members is not foolproof and we agreed that a means to better notify folks needs to be designed. An option discussed by the department managers was to create a voluntary email notification system in order to send reminders to members of store related issues—please look for this sign up sheet at Customer Service.

The Co-op will be open limited hours on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24. Hours of operation are 8:00am to 2:00pm.

And, as an early reminder, the Co-op will close at 6:00pm December 24, Christmas Eve, and be closed on December 25, Christmas Day. We will be open regular hours on New Year’s Eve (8am-9pm) and closed on New Year’s Day.

Speaking of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may be the most ideal holiday we can help you prepare—no matter what your dinner plans are. From traditional turkey to lasagna to non-meat options we have the goods. Bon appetit.


On expansion, WSGC is into the second phase of the request for information (RFI) process. The RFI has generated a response from 15 developers and/or property owners. The sites will be reviewed by the ad-hoc committee members. The committee will then create a short list of site options to further research to determine if an ideal fit exists that satisfies member needs, physical requirements, financial limitations, and the Board and Co-op vision and mission. The ad hoc committee consists of representatives proficient in legal, financial, and real estate matters: three Board members, two opportunity committee members, and the general manager.