November 2005

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The Bird of Paradise Heads to a New Home

by Mary Jo Walters-Laplae

The commons eating area has lost a good friend. If you noticed a more spacious feeling as you walked toward the bathrooms or the take-a-book-leave-a-book shelf it is because the 14-foot- high Bird of Paradise plant has been moved. It has a new home at the Tropical Rainforest Aviary at Henry Vilas Zoo.

Some years ago, a Co-op member donated the plant when it had outgrown the space of another home. The staff that cares for the plants as well as plant buyer Amanda Biederman noticed another baby offspring and the plant’s new growth touched the ceiling. Because of this, we realized it was time for a larger space for it to continue to thrive.

We called around to find a new space that would be public and have a knowledgeable staff to care for this beautiful plant; we found both at the aviary. It has 35-foot tall ceilings and the added bonus of birds to interact with it. So the next time you visit the Zoo, stop and say hello to the Bird of Paradise.