December 2005

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General's Manager Report


Getting the Word Out

by Anya Firszt, General Manager

As a result of our need to improve communication to members, a voluntary e-mail notification system is being developed to address this concern. Additionally, this system of communication would potentially be used for notifying members of critical agricultural legislative action alerts and education. Current members would need to sign-up for this service through our website or at Customer Service, and new members will be given the option upon application to the Co-op.

We acknowledge that the tools we have been using (signage in the store, receipt messages, Reader announcements) are not as far reaching as they need to be, and there is gap that needs to be closed. As soon as the IT requirements have been ironed-out to process this information, we plan to have this option available in early 2006.

Speaking of holidays...

In case you had plans to collect your holiday greenery from the Co-op, the Co-op is not managing a tree stand this year in the outdoor corral, so be advised if you are coming from out of town. Once again, our yearly tradition of hosting a staff meal during the holiday season is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13—this is a chance for our managers to prepare and serve some of their favorite recipes for the staff and owner participants (volunteers) and for everyone to break bread.

And, as a reminder, the Co-op will close early at 6:00pm on December 24, and close for the entire day on Sunday, December 25 and Sunday, January 1, 2006.

Fiscal Year 2006 capital improvements

FY2006 capital improvements have already been initiated—our first expenditure, I am happy to report, was the purchase and installation of a state of the art coffee brewer for the juice bar. Other improvements we are looking forward to include a new cheese backstock cooler, sandwich preparation table, additional computers to support operations, and scheduled equipment replacements.


Allow me to take this opportunity to thank our ad hoc coffee brewer selection and installation committee for their efforts to advise and streamline this purchase. Lindsey Lee, WSGC member and owner of Ground Zero on Williamson Street, was an absolute rock star in offering his expertise in our decision-making process. Lindsey is a perfect example of someone who is “walking the talk” of supporting Willy Street business networking and member involvement. Thank you Lindsey.

Expansion recap

WSGC is into the second phase of the request for information (RFI) process. The RFI ad hoc committee has selected a medium list of nine potential sites. In December, we will be visiting and assessing the feasibility of each site, reviewing the market study reports, and WSGC sales data by zip code. The ad hoc committee consists of representatives proficient in legal, financial, and real estate matters, three Board members, two opportunities committee members, and the general manager.