January 2006

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Customer Comments

Save some for me!
Q: I like the vegan mashed potatoes and gravy, which were—gone-gone-gone by the time I got there. Please fix more often.

A: Thanks for the comment. As I always say, call us! We can set some aside for you before it’s gone. We try to balance making how much we make to prevent throwing food away—depending on what people are hungry for that day, we sell out of stuff. -Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Serving a wide variety
Q: Get rid of all products containing hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup—then you would be a perfect store.

A: We offer a selection of goods that, as you’ve identified, ranges beyond natural and organic foods. We do this intentionally to serve the broad scope of members who own the Co-op. Our best solution to helping folks make healthy choices is to inform and educate and then allow our members to make their decision as to what item they care to purchase. -Wynston Estis, Store Manager

A great class in the Community Room
Q: Took another great Italian cooking class today with Camillo Castelnuovo. And today we got copies of the recipes!! I love these classes and hope Camillo continues to do them. Tasty food, good tasting portions, good price for the class...Highly recommended—I’ll sign up again.

A: We received several glowing customer comments from the folks who enrolled in L’Allegra Tavolata (The Happy Table) with Chef Camillo Castelnuovo. Thank you for supporting Camillo! -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Political input
Q: Does the Mayor and Aldermen have a large input in this cooperative?

A: I am not sure what you are asking—I know Judy Olson is a member —has she supported the cooperative business? Yes, she votes and attends membership events, but does this represent “large input”—nope—it is every member’s right and responsibility. I have to admit I am not sure if the mayor is a member or not. I certainly look to both for their leadership and guidance when it comes to big picture city/neighborhood issues. -Anya Firszt, General Manager

Soy meat selections
Q: I was surprised to find that you have seriously limited options for tofu/soy meat options (ex. Bologna, etc.) Please bring more options than Tofurkey and Salami!!

A: Thank you for your suggestions. We do now carry Yves Veggie Bologna, veggie turkey, field roast smoked tomato, lentil sage, and wild mushroom slices, Simple Soyman Sloppy Jo mixes, and varied baked tofu and seitan options. If there’s a specific item you’d like us to carry, you can fill out another customer comment for it or we could try and special order it for you. Thank you! -Jesse Jensen, Dairy Buyer

Take a book, leave a book
Q: Why not have a place—perhaps at entrance—for members to recycle used books and magazines. Particularly those related to the Co-op’s values? Like they do at the public libraries. They could be left for free distribution or the Co-op could sell them for a little additional income.

A: Wow! I guess it’s time to re-advertise our ‘Take-a-Book-Leave-a-Book’ shelves here at the Co-op! Anyone wanting to recycle their books can, at anytime, drop them off at the customer service desk and we’ll put them on our book shelf (lending library) near the public restrooms in the cafe area. A lot of good magazines can also be found on those shelves. Thanks for the reminder—happy reading and recycling! -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Thank you Letter from Cooperative Development Fund
Dear Anya, Thank you and your members for Willy Street’s $2,210.22 contribution to the Katrina Cooperative Recovery Fund. The devastation from the hurricanes is beyond belief, but the response from individuals like you has been extraordinary! While the relief operation continues, work has also begun to assess the recovery needs of the entire Gulf coast region and what it will take to breathe life back into the local economies of the cities, towns and rural areas that were devastated. This includes determining the needs of cooperatives and their members in the affected region. It is this longer term recovery that is the focus of the Katrina Cooperative Recovery Fund.

The Cooperative Development Fund (CDF) is partnering on this fund drive with its colleagues in the cooperative community both nationally and in the region to assure the maximum possible impact. CDF’s prime point of contact in the affected areas is the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, which is helping to identify the needs of farmers and farm cooperatives and helping CDF coordinate this effort with the wider cooperative community in the entire Gulf Coast region.

CDF will take no administrative fee for funds raised, so you can be assured that 100 percent of your donation reaches the people and organizations that need help.
Thanks again for your generosity.

Sincerely, Liz Bailey, Executive Director, CDF
(WSGC members are still welcome to make tax-deductible contributions to CDF at the Co-op’s registers by letting your cashier know when checking out. More funds have already been collected and we will continue to regularly send all donations made for this effort to CDF. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager)