February 2006

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Customer Comments

Front porch issues
Q: I noticed a customer complaining about PETA representatives being at the Co-op; seeing as he/she was protesting I was disheartened by the response since every time I come here there’s a musician, or some other group hanging around outside. If you’re going to ban one group—better ban them all so, so as not to discriminate.

A: Lots of people request to table/play music in front of the Co-op. Everyone has a valuable contribution to our community. Unless a musician is somehow offending you—we support letting them play out front. The Co-op doesn’t want to start the practice of censoring everything—only what we’re asked by our members to address. The PETA folks weren’t “banned” and if possible we’d like to remain accessible to area 501(c)3 organizations and artists. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Catalog request
Q: Please create a new ordering catalogue available by request (similar to the North Farm catalogue).

A: That’s a great idea, one we’ve been talking about for many years. We can see how it could help folks place special orders, preorders and use our home delivery service. Our Operations Manager is looking into developing a web-based ordering system. Until that is launched, we’ll have to order groceries the old fashioned way. -Wynston Estis, Assistant Store Manager

Licorice and high blood pressure
Q: I notice the Co-op sells Panda and other licorice products. Recent medical journals have substantial data that demonstrates risk of rapid elevations in blood pressure as a result of licorice ingestion. Licorice root, also sold at the Co-op is particularly powerful in elevating blood pressure. Because even 15 pieces of Panda can lead to dangerous hypertension, I suggest doing a Medline search for licorice and high blood pressure—and putting up a sign. Thanks.

A: Thank you for that important information for our owners and readers. The following are credible links to pertinent websites that may help anyone interested in learning more about this food issue:; -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Chocolate chip check up
Q: Just curious—are the chocolate chips in the Cowgirl sugar-free vegan cookies also vegan, sugar free?

A: Good Question! The chocolate chips used are Sunspire grain-sweetened vegan chips. Dan Moore, Deli Manager

Non dairy creamers
Q: Happy New Year!!! Is there a non-dairy substitute for half & half? I’d like it for cooking and making White Russians. Thanks.

A: I have used the Silk Creamer as a substitute for half and half in recipes and it has worked out for me. I’ve also heard that a vegan White Russian can be made using Silk Creamer. It is located in the soymilk door on the top shelf. -Jesse Jensen, Dairy Buyer.