March 2006

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Producer Profile

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc
An Industry Leader

by Leah Buysse, Health & Wellness Staff

The core values and vision of Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. (ETI), makers of over 50 products found in our Health and Wellness department, along with their mission to improve consumers’ health and well-being, have made this company a leader in the dietary supplements industry.

Located in Green Bay, WI and employing 350 people, Enzymatic Therapy incorporates FDA pharmaceutical quality standards in everything from raw material evaluation to supplier selection. The company, founded in the early 1980s by a health store proprietor, an MD and two NDs (naturopathic doctors), is the first dietary supplement manufacturer that is an FDA-registered drug establishment and also a certified organic processor.

ETI follows the strict quality control procedures that are outlined in the FDA’s current pharmaceutical “Good Manufacturing Practices.” These standards include, but are not limited to, employee training, facility cleanliness, documentation, and quarantine/release procedures. ETI voluntarily regulates their dietary supplement manufacturing by these guidelines to ensure uniformity and guarantee consistency in their products. Their commitment to verifying the purity, potency, and bioavailablity of each formula is carried out by a staff of 25 quality assurance and quality control professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, microbiology, and related sciences. They have successfully incorporated FDA pharmaceutical quality standards into everything from raw material evaluation to supplier selection. ETI professionals conduct over 30,000 individual tests on their ingredients over a year to ensure the effectiveness of each.

Embracing sustainability

High on ETI’s list of priorities is also to embrace sustainability in every aspect of their production and practices. Beyond using certified organic and non-GMO products, ETI has committed themselves to sourcing only those species that have been sustainably cultivated and ethically harvested. Plant poaching in rain forests is a growing problem that, like animal poaching, damages an ecosystem and will eventually result in extinction. The Peruvian Unicaria tomentosa ETI uses in its Saventano, for example, is specially cultivated and its growers must go through a rigorous process of registering each plant, collecting no more than one-third of each plant to allow regrowth and must not harvest in that area again for ten years. In addition, the first on their list of core company values is “sincere respect for people.” To that end, they work toward creating enriching relationships with indigenous people by compensating tribes with a portion of the sales, by ensuring protection of sensitive ecological systems, and by providing needed resources to the native communities where their ingredients are grown, in places such as India, Brazil, Ghana and Siberia.

Other good deeds

In keeping with their values, Enzymatic Therapy is also involved in a variety of other humanitarian initiatives, among which are four annual Red Cross blood drives; a winter holiday program that adopts a needy family each year; quarterly food drives for a local food pantry; matching donation programs for selected charities their associates are interested in; a day off donation program that helps any of their associates struck by tragedy that requires them to be absent from work beyond their earned time off allotment; on-site free health screenings and lifestyle management for staff; charitable support of specific disease organizations, such as the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation; and support of Gifts in Kind International Program (donations are redistributed to over 200,000 not-for-profit agencies worldwide).

Quality leadership

In 2005, ETI was named “Manufacturer of the Year” by Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) Magazine for leadership and innovation in product development and education and for its marketing programs. This quality of leadership charged Enzymatic Therapy to create a Scientific Advisory Board. This initiative introduced more rigorous scientific protocols to complementary medicine. The advisory board, which includes PhDs with backgrounds in food science, biology, nutrition, and immunology provides expertise, guidance, and educational support for the development of ETI products such as Acidophilus Pearls, Whole Body Cleanse, Earth’s Promise, FlexAgility Max, and their entire line of multi-vitamins, just to name a few.

Earth’s Promise

Randy Rose, the company’s President and CEO, spoke recently to a group of Health and Wellness retail representatives at a company-sponsored training at their facility. The former UW Badgers wide receiver and one-time Green Bay Packer shared relevant information about their company and formulas as well as some of his favorite ETI products, one of which is Earth’s Promise. This green drink provides 20 vitamin-rich clean ingredients, more vegetables and fiber per serving than other leading green drinks. It is a convenient, easily absorbable drink for those of us who could use more vegetables and fruits in our diets.

For more information

To find out more about this exciting company, you can log onto their website at or call their consumer service department at 800-783-2286. Stop by the Wellness department to check out their product line.