July 2006

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Customer Comments

Dried cherries

Q: Dried Cherries—Why is sunflower oil a necessary ingredient? It becomes rancid very quickly. Special trips have been made in the past, especially due to your not including it as an ingredient, as other stores do.

A: I spoke with our distributor that we get our dried cherries from and he stated that in his experience sunflower oil is the least likely to become rancid compared to other oils. The sunflower oil is sprayed on to the processing equipment so the cherries don’t stick. The cherries should be refrigerated after purchase. We are storing them in our cooler backstock. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Supervisor

Where are the prices?

Q: Some breads (e.g. Kamms) don’t have prices—I couldn’t see them on the bread or posted. Thanks.

A: Half of our bread companies have a price listed above their set. If there isn’t a sign, the bread should have a price sticker or else the price is printed on the package/label. Each company has a different location for their price. In the case of Kamms, their sticker should be on the bottom of the loaf. Thanks for sharing your observation. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Supervisor

Back to the Land

Q: It is May 21st and I see that you showed Back to the Land… Again on the 19th. Any chance of you showing it again, or me being able to find it elsewhere? Thanks!

A: I’ve spoken with the directors and we will screen the film again in September in honor of Organic Harvest Month. We’ll list the details in the August newsletter. Thanks for your comment! -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager

Dried fruit in small bags

Q: Can you pack really small bags of the dried fruit? This is being done with pineapple, but not so much with mangoes, figs, papaya, etc. I definitely like to buy just a little of one of these, say $1.00-$1.25 worth, as a non-candy sweet-tooth solution. I think others might agree, and to want to get $2-$3 worth at once. Thanks!

A: I will ask the Willy Packers to make a few more small bags of mangoes, figs and papaya as well a the rest of our selection. Thanks for sharing your idea. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Department

Mint-free toothpaste request

Q: Please get Peelu mint-free toothpaste (or some kind of unflavored toothpaste). Besides the advice, it’s what I’ll miss most from Green Earth closing. Thanks!

A: Hi and thanks for your request. I had forgotten to find a replacement for the unflavored Tom’s of Maine toothpaste that was discontinued by them several months ago. You’ll see Peelu soon. -Lisa Stag-Tout, Wellness Manager

Sale solutions

Q: Please consider discounting the Natra-Care tampons. You had them on special a long time ago (Thanks!) about a year ago, but though I have checked every week since; no luck. It helps a lot to be able to stock up when on sale. Thanks!

A: Hi. I really appreciate your request and always keep my eyes open to discount offers from our distributors/manufacturers on our most popular products, like Natra-Care tampons. However, I have not seen any deals coming through for this product. We always pass these discounts to you when they are available and will continue to do so... as soon as they become available to us. Thanks! -Lisa Stag-Tout, Wellness Manager

The case of the missing hot sauce

Q: I wanted to add hot sauce to my lunch. There was none, and when I asked for it, I was told we are out. That is unacceptable!

A: Thanks for writing. I agree it is nice to have free condiments available, but there are times when we don’t receive items on deliveries. We don’t buy the smaller condiments off the shelf in these cases. Because the item is given away at no charge, we need to provide only when we can get it in bulk so we can continue to be able to meet our department’s goals. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods

Less like Wal-Mart

Q: Last month’s letter saying expansion would make the Willy Street Co-op “the Wal-Mart of the cooperatives” must be the viewpoint of a car owner who doesn’t have to care how far away his stores are. My viewpoint is that a second store would make the Co-op less like Wal-Mart because it would make shopping easier for more of us who use bikes and buses. I hope you find a viable expansion plan soon.

A: Thanks for this comment. I am not in support of growth for growth’s sake, but because the need suggests it’s a good solution to our space limitations and growing member requests. -Anya Firszt, General Manager