December 2006

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General Manager's Report

Store News

by Anya Firszt, General Manager

Business matters

When you read this article, Trader Joe’s will have been opened for roughly six weeks—so far we have not noticed any significant realized impact on our sales projections. In other words, we assume we have lost “some” potential sales to Trader Joe’s, but there is no noticeable drop-off in any of our sub categories that can be attributed to the opening of that store. As reported last month, I assure you we will continue to monitor the impact of that store opening and try to respond to the circumstances within our control.

Since I know our members place a high value on quality foods, I fully expect that many of you may have decided to check it out as I have. You have probably noticed Trader Joe’s product selection leans towards their private label brand. If there are products you are interested in us carrying which are not exclusive to Trader Joe’s and that we can potentially source, please tell us.

Over the last 15 years, I have shopped in a number of Trader Joe’s stores, and this Trader Joe’s reminds me of many of the other I have seen, except that their offerings in produce seems to be more extensive than their normal store footprint. It goes to show that Trader Joe’s sees the importance of produce in the Madison market...produce has appeal.

Holiday hours

We will be open the following times during the holidays:
• December 24th: store open until 6:00pm.
• December 25th: store closed.
• December 31st: store open until the regular time of 9:00pm.
• January 1st: store closed.

New sculpture in the backyard

The Co-op is the new home to a neighborhood statue entitled “Adventure Mountain with Children”—installation of the sculpture to take place in mid-November. Kari Sievert donated the statue to the Marquette Neighborhood. Thank you! On December 5th at 11:30am the Co-op will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the gifting of this statue.

In cooperation

During Mifflin Street Community Co-op’s November 20th special membership meeting, the membership voted to close the store. Mifflin is the oldest grocery cooperative in town so we will be losing an historic piece of Madison. We’ll be sorry to see it leave. We will continue to be supportive through this transition. The store will close December 8th, 2006.

There are many ways to raise capital for a cooperative—MSCC choose an annual membership fee. This fee was treated as income rather than equity. Consequently, individual MSCC members do not have a capital equity stake in the cooperative. If MSCC chooses to dissolve the cooperative, the articles of incorporation would dictate the distribution of assets. In the event that the MSCC members decided to close the store, Willy Street Co-op has decided to recognize MSCC memberships through the August 2007 expiration date of the current annual fee.

For more current information about MSCC, contact the store at 251-5899.
Regent Market Co-op (RMC) is in the throes of responding to the opening of Trader Joe’s (located within a half-mile of their storefront) and the direct impact it has had on their operation. The focus of management at RMC is to provide local products and quality customer service—as they have always done. For more information about RMC contact General Manager Jim Huberty at: