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Run for the Board of Directors

The Co-op needs devoted members to serve on the Board of Directors. Every year there are three eligible seats that need to be filled. Are you the person that could fill one of those seats? The Co-op is growing and you have an opportunity to be a major component of the process. As the Owner Relations Committee Chair for 2007, I would like to invite Co-op members to consider the qualifications and responsibilities listed below. If you have any questions about the potential time commitment, process, or any aspect of the Board of directors don’t hesitate to leave your name with me at Customer Service, and I will call you for a conversation (off the clock please!). I look forward to the prospect of speaking with you.


  • Be a WSGC member-owner.
  • Care about needs of our near East-side neighborhood, our Co-op members and Co-op staff.
  • Have an interest in sustainable agriculture, food, and health issues.
  • Have an interest in learning about cooperative business and community development.
  • Candidates with experience in two or more of the following areas are strongly encouraged to run: business finance and accounting (retail or wholesale); finance—budget analysis, major financial decisions; law—especially litigation and bylaws experience; personnel management; cooperative movement and philosophy; grocery industry; marketing; planning, meeting facilitation, contract negotiation.


  • Commit to a three-year term.
  • Attend quarterly and special meetings, the Annual Membership Meeting, our yearly training and the yearly planning retreat.
  • Use critical thinking and come prepared for efficient, productive discussions.
  • Serve on at least one Board committee.
  • Educate yourself and other Board members on issues related to our business and mission.

Nominations/election process

All nominees must answer the following questions:

    1. What skills and experience do you bring to the Board? (100 words maximum)
    2. What motivated you to run for a seat on the Board? (100 words maximum)
    3. Give an example of something that you feel the Co-op could do better, and briefly describe how you might address it as a Board Member. (150 words maximum)
    4. Which of the seven co-op principles resonate with you right now and why? (125 words maximum)

Get your responses and a photo to us before August 9th, 2007 or at the Annual Membership Meeting. All nominees will be introduced to the membership at this time. If you wish to address the membership, that would be great! Your response to the above questions will be printed in the September issue of the Reader. Submissions that go over the stated word count will be edited for space. However, full comments will be placed on our website at www.willystreet.coop. Please include your address, telephone number and member number. We will verify receipt of your letter. Send nominations to:

Owner Relations Committee
Attn: Tamara Urich-Rintz
c/o Willy Street Co-op
1221 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703
OR email t.urich@willystreet.coop
Any questions, contact Tamara Urich-Rintz, Owner Relations Chair.

Looking Forward

Metropolitan Place

As members of the Co-op you received a letter from the Board President regarding our second store location. It’s been a rough five months for all of us Board, staff and committee members keeping the location quiet. I wanted to express my personal thank you to members who participated in the communication process through email and the information kiosk. We took the ideas, praise and criticism into our decision making process. Since announcement was made, work has been great. I love talking with members about the site and of course hearing your feelings about the location. The next couple of months are going to be exciting as we establish member bonds and employment opportunities for the Downtown store. Check out the information kiosk back by the dairy coolers, our website, or a staff member for up-to-date information.

Board nominations

Elections for the Board of Directors take place every September and there are three potential seats open for the Board to serve a three-year term. As chair of the Owner Relations Committee I would like to invite vested (that is, Co-op owners) members to consider representing our membership as a Board member. We are accepting nominations now through August 9th; a final call will be made at the Annual Membership Meeting (the evening of August 9th). Please, take a look at the qualifications and responsibilities involved in being a Board member found in the article to the left.
This is my third year, and I will not be running for reelection. It was a hard decision and a lot of thought went into making it. I can honestly say that these past three years have been an incredible life opportunity that I will always cherish. To my fellow Board colleagues, thank you for your time, positive energy, and commitment. It was a pleasure to work with you. I also wanted to give a very special thank you to our General Manager Anya Firszt. Serving on the Board gave me the opportunity to see her amazing leadership and commitment to the Co-op. Whether it’s operational issues such as a complete multi-site store restructure or serving on the Commonwealth Board, or serving on a city task force for Madison’s eastside. She has taken on those tasks (and then some) with gusto and grace. I enjoyed working with her, I learned a lot from her, and I thank her for her support the past three years.