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Save the universe

Q: I think the Co-op really should expand its current location. It’s so small and so packed with people all the time! There seems to not be enough floor space either. Maybe have a dining area upstairs? The survival of the GALAXY depends on you!

A: This is a perfect comment as these are the reasons we are moving forward in opening a second site. -Anya Firszt, General Manager

Co-op compliment

Q: The Co-op frickin’ ROCKS!

A: Thanks! We think our owners/members rock too! -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Bulk vitamins

Q: You should make vitamin pills available in bulk. Even better would be a design-your-own vitamin option.

A: Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be able to offer this option. But we will definitely keep this in mind for the future. -Matthew Fure, Assistant Wellness Manager

Packaging overload

Q: The dental floss Oral Health Products used to come in very minimal packaging (just the floss “holder/dispenser”). Now it comes in unneeded (and unwanted) cardboard packaging and I am hoping you can voice my comments to them. Thanks.

A: I have passed your concerns on to them. Thank you for taking the time to write us. -Matthew Fure, Assistant Wellness Manager

Sticker eaters

Q: Yesterday an acquaintance told me that the stickers on produce are edible, along with the glue that’s used to attach them. Is this true? If so, is it true for all produce labels or only organic?

A: Yes it’s true! Soy ink on paper with a non-toxic adhesive. If you like eating newspaper, you might like the stickers too. Edible? Yes! Advised eating? No! -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager

Flour power

Q: My wife has celiac disease. The rye flour in the bulk section is right above the cornmeal (non-glutinous). One rye flour falls onto the cornmeal container and scoop opening the way to cross-contamination. Can this please be changed? Perhaps placing glutenous items on the lower shelves.

A: Thank you for your suggestion. We have switched the rye flour with the buckwheat flour so the two flours above are buckwheat and brown rice flour. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator

Caspian Café product request

Q: Any chance of carrying the Eggplant Sandwich from Caspian Café? They are so wonderful and I will be happy to buy them often.

A: Thanks for the heads up. We asked Caspian Café about the possibility of getting this sandwich for our store. They said they are real busy (too busy) right now but maybe later in the summer we could start getting it. Thanks. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Coordinator

Soymilk request

Q: Soymilk Silk Light.

A: Silk has more products than we have room for. If demand for this product line increases we would potentially offer it. In the meantime we could special order it for you. Silk’s customer service tells me regular is made with organic soybeans and the light is not. Thanks. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Coordinator

Bike rack replacement

Q: OK the weather gets warm and you remove a bike rack out front. Why?

A: The bike rack that left was not ours—it was on loan from the kind folks at the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin. They lent us a rack immediately when a car hit ours. A replacement rack for the one that was hit should be installed by the time you read this. -Dan Frost, Assistant Store Manager

Gluten-free foods listing available

Q: Could we have a list of gluten-free products so it would be easier to shop?

A: We have a gluten-free listing of foods in the Member Resources area (to the left of the doors as you come in the store). -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager