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Customer Comments

Electric scooters
I’m pushing 80, am arthritic­—every step in walking hurts. The Co-op provides an electric motorized shopping cart for use of the handicapped. Unfortunately, in the recent past it was intermittently inoperable. The staff worked diligently to restore proper operation. They even hired the manufacturers rep to repair it to no avail. The co-op purchased a second electric cart and eventually restored the first unit to consistent operation. I’ve never seen a finer group of volunteers who truly care about each and every patron. I commend both the management and volunteers for this.

A: Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate it! -Liz Wermcrantz, Reader Editor

List of low-sodium foods
Q: Could you create a list of low-sodium foods you carry (other than fresh produce, of course)? Ideally the list would be in the same categories that foods appear on the shelves. Not all lower-in-sodium foods are indicated on the fronts of labels and it’s very time consuming to pick up every can, bottle or box to check the “Nutrition Facts” chart. (By low-sodium I mean anything with about 200 mg or less per serving.)

A: This is a great idea. We will be reviewing our products to identify which meet the FDA’s definition of Low Sodium. We’ll also use this project to update our information on other health concerns such as trans fats and gluten-free. Thanks for the suggestion. -Wynston Estis, Assistant Store Manager

Cart maneuvering
Q: Please don’t place all the carts w/kid seats in a line especially in the back. It’s very hard to pull all the carts in front of the row out while carrying a baby and one ends up being in everyone else’s way while trying to maneuver.

A: We are trying to find a better configuration for the carts to alleviate this problem. It can be difficult because carts don’t always get put back where we would want them. We will try to be more diligent in keeping the cart area neat and easily accessible for all. Thanks! -Kristin Esselstrom, Front End Manager

Rewarding the bikers
Q: I get 10¢ for a cloth bag—thanks! Shouldn’t we reward bikers and pedestrians too? How about random $5.00 coupons?

A: Thanks for your comment. We’d like to, but we’ve been trying to figure out a good way to identify these people! If you’ve got some ideas, please let me know. -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager

Child’s play
Q: A special thank you to the cashiers who are so nice to my child. They are playful and fun and make coming to the Co-op one of our favorite activities.

A: Thank you for the positive feedback! We are pleased that we’ve made your shopping experience a pleasant one. -Kristin Esselstrom, Front End Manager

Diaper request
Q: I’d love to see you stock g-diaper refills (www.gdiapers.com).

A: Hi and thanks for the great suggestion! Many other people have also suggested that we carry this line and now we do! You can find all sizes of the start kits as well as refills in aisle 6. -Lisa Stag-Tout, Wellness Manager

Wheat-free, dairy-free
Q: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was away for 12 days. When I returned you had the wheat-free, dairy-free Chocolate Walnut Torte for sale. Yay!! I came back to buy some more today, but the were gone. Great job!

A: Yay! I love a happy comment. But there’s more... since then we’ve added a whole line of gluten-free products to our bakery orders. We hope to add a few more dairy-free ones in there as well. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Grateful for the new hours
Q: Thank you for the new hours! (It’s now 7:35AM!)

A: Thanks for the thanks! It does seem to have helped out a lot of shoppers with early morning shopping needs. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Great kombucha class
Q: Hey, hey! The kombucha mushroom class was excellent. I would recommend it highly. I now think I have enough information to give it a try and grow some - or make some - kombucha tea. Thank you. The presenters did a very good job. P.S. This is my maybe third class and the acoustics are quite muffled in the room—would it be possible to put a microphone in the room and speakers?

A: Thanks for the comments on kombucha. I’ll share them with the instructor. Also, I’ve asked for a microphone for the classroom—great suggestion! Thanks! -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Q: Paul Tseng’s class today was excellent. We asked him to do a class every month or so. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about vegetarian dishes and also other cuisines. Really excellent. Looking forward to the next class.

A: Great! I’ll share your compliment and suggestion with Paul! -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Credit card costs
Q: I think that if people knew that using a credit or debit card costs the Co-op $1.50 for each transaction, they might be more judicious about using them.

A: The issue you raise is one that has had two articles in the newsletter in the past two years. Please see my October 2005 article about plastic (http://willystreet.coop/Newsletter/
) and Rick Bernstein’s member article about plastic in our March 2007 (http://willystreet.coop/Newsletter/Newsletter_Archive/0703/paper.html) issue. We have put out the cost info, yet getting members to appreciate the costs is a different matter. Your $1.50 estimate of costs for each transaction is a bit high, though. -Gene Hahn, Finance Manager