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Do you dread dealing with traffic? Lose your patience looking for a place to park? Think about all the things you’d rather be doing as you place that container of freshly ground peanut butter in your cart? Or maybe, for one reason or another, it’s too difficult for you to get to the Willy Street Co-op to buy your groceries. We suggest you take a load off and let your Co-op do a majority of the work for you. “How?” you ask? Half of the answer has been there all along. Our home delivery program started about a year ago and has been a great success. Its only setback was how members were able to place orders…over the phone. Mostly it took up users’ time, especially when we described new products or sales specials. While this service will continue to benefit our members, the time has come to streamline it a bit.

Enter the internet
On August 15th, the Willy Street Co-op Online Store, http://shop.willystreet.coop, will be launched. It will allow members to log on to their personal accounts, view products details and images, as well as place and monitor orders.

Now don’t let all the buttons and electronic interface fool you, it’s still the Willy Street Co-op behind this new exterior. One of the main goals of creating and designing the online store was familiarity. We felt it was important to have some kind of connection between the actual and the electronic. Hopefully with the colors, layout and product photos you’ll feel a little bit of the Co-op while you’re shopping from the comfort of your home. Another goal was to provide different ways of easily browsing through the approximately 14,000 products that the Co-op has to offer. Currently you can shop by manufacturer, department, and sales promotions. In addition, we also have a PLU look-up service to easily locate bulk items, and a text area for product condition requests such as “I prefer my bananas green” or “I like my mangoes really ripe.” We hope to continue adding new ways of sorting these products, further adding to your shopping experience.

Getting started
Let’s go through the basic things you’ll need to know while using the Willy Street Co-op Online Store. There will be three things that are necessary to access this new system. First is a Willy Street Co-op membership, and if you are reading this article chances are you already have one. Second, you’ll need a computer or access to one, and third, you’ll need a valid e-mail address. The e-mail is necessary because it allows us to contact you with your account information and your future order confirmations. So, if you want to be ready to shop on the 15th, call and make sure Customer Service has your correct email address. Having an account allows you to save your shopping cart; this way if you can’t complete your order for any reason, you’ll be able to log in again and pick up from where you left off.

After you’ve shopped through the site and are ready to “check out,” you’ll need to do two things: manage your shopping cart and process your order. First click on the shopping cart button located at the top of each page and check over your product list and quantities. If anything is incorrect, simply enter the new quantity or product and click the update button before finalizing your transaction. Upon checking out you’ll be given two choices for payment: credit card or check. All credit cards will be processed at the store once all of the products have been collected for delivery, which means the same in-store limitation of Visa and MasterCard still applies. This system may change in the future but for now it has proven to be very efficient.

Product origin
When clicking confirm, you may wonder where the order gets filled. Currently all orders received will be shopped at the Willy Street Co-op Eastside, both on and off the store floor. Although we want every product in our store available online, there are a few limitations to be aware of. These limitations are very similar to our Home Delivery service. Because of delivery times we are unable to offer any hot foods and currently we can only offer a selection of our Deli salads. Another thing to consider is that items from Bulk and most of Produce are difficult to quote exact prices on until we’ve shopped your order. We will always do our best to match requested amounts but even if the weight is only slightly off, the total will still be different than the quoted amount.

Sit back and relax
Now just sit back, relax and wait for your groceries to arrive, and don’t worry—if there is a problem with your order, such as an item being out of stock, we’ll be on the phone with you to let you know. And, as long as the store is open, there will be someone here to answer your questions.

Happy shopping!