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Customer Comments

Bottled water
Q: Would the Co-op consider taking up the current controversy over bottled water? Dasani and Aquafina come from the tap. Consumers have been advertised into believe tap water is bad for us and bottled water is good. Never mind the 60 million plastic water bottles thrown away each day in the U.S. San Francisco has recently banned bottled water.

A: Hello. Thanks for writing. We do encourage folks to reuse their plastic containers at the Water Island reverse osmosis machine... We’ll continue to try educating members on the use of individual plastic water bottles. -Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager

Juice Bar traffic
Q: If the creamer for coffee table and the bakery case were switched, the people waiting at coffee juice counter wouldn’t obstruct the bakery case access! Is that a good idea or no?

A: Thanks for writing. We tried it this way and it really hid the Juice Bar. Since the move, visibility and sales of coffee and juice have skyrocketed along with the morale of the staff. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Deli labelling
Q: The deli’s sign “organic ingredients” sign in the deli misled me. Please change that sign to show that only some ingredients are organic if that’s the case. Otherwise, please use that sign only for foods that use organic ingredients only.

A: The term “organic ingredients” on the label means that some of the ingredients (at least 70%) are organic. We guarantee this, but sometimes the particular organic ingredients change due to availability or the certification status of our supplier. I’ve brought your issue to the attention of our Store Manager and we are working on a way of making the labelling clearer. Thanks. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Thanks for the gluten-free bakery
Q: Thank you for all the delicious gluten-free bakery selections. I especially adore the “crumb cake with chocolate chips” and the banana bread. Thanks also for making some slices $1.49 instead of all at $1.99. Today, I’m sampling the corn muffins.

A: Many thanks. I’d like to give credit to Life Molitor, our Bakery Coordinator, and her whole staff for helping develop this catalog of products. We aimed to make high-quality, high-flavor, gluten-free baked goods and we’re glad to know we hit the mark. -Josh Perkins, Off-Site Kitchen Manager

Bring back the açai selection
Q: There are a lot of kombucha flavors in the back cooler,
and there are little to no Sambazon açai flavors anymore. Can you please even it out? And get back the bigger size bottles. Thanx.

A: I am working on bringing in other Sambazon products. The distributor stopped carrying the 16-ounce bottles so we are switching to the 10-ounce bottles. Sorry for any delays. -Matt Hofstede, Grocery Coordinator

Deli salad favorite
Q: I really like the Quinoa Chickpea and Green Bean Salad. Could the Deli make that salad every 2 weeks or so? Thank you.

A: Thanks for writing. I put this back on the menu for this week. We go through phases with this recipe as far as how well it sells, which is why it has a longer time between rotations. Also with limited case space we like to give as much space to salads that feature local produce during he summer. This one doesn’t use much of that so we usually relegate it to the winter months as a break from squash. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Haubrich Bros. syrup
Q: Please do what you must do to bring back Haubrich Bros. Maple Syrup. It’s tasty and inexpensive! Wisconsin-made and not in a designer bottle!

A: Mr. Haubrich retired and so his syrup is no longer available. It was always my favorite. On top of that, it was a bad winter for the folks making maple syrup, so the cost of maple syrup in general will be going up. I am sorry. I have been looking for a good replacement, but have not had any luck. Thanks for your comments! -Dean Kallas, Grocery Manager\

Fresh flowers
Q: I love the idea of fresh flowers throughout the store, but I’ve become allergic—especially to lilies! I wonder if the checkout flowers could be put in coolers at the end of the lanes or contained to one lane at the far end of the store? I’m sorry I need to ask! Thanks!

A: I’m sorry the flowers are bothering your allergies. We’ve decided to have lanes 1-3 flower free. I really hope this helps. Thanks for writing! -Matthew Fure, Assistant Wellness Manager

A wedding success
Q: We would like to thank the catering crew and in particular Josh Perkins for the fabulous job on catering our wedding. The food was delicious and we were so pleased to be able to share great local vegetarian food with all of our friends and family. Thank you!

A: Thanks for the wonderful feedback. Your input and attitude made ensuring the success of your wedding a cakewalk for us. It’s fun to be able to do that kind of job—it allows us to get beyond our usual capacities and see what we’re capable of. Many thanks again for thinking of Willy Street Co-op in connection with your wedding. -Josh Perkins, Off-Site Kitchen Manager

Ellie in the Deli
Q: Please recognize Ellie’s (in the Deli) excellent customer service, knowledge and efficiency. She would make a great manager or whatever she wants.

A: AMEN! And thank you for taking the time to put in writing such a nice sentiment! -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Product request
Q: Please see about getting Ball plastic storage lids. Wide mouth and regular.

A: Thank you for your suggestion. You will be happy to see that we now have Ball plastic storage lids in the bulk aisle. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator