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Business Matters

Annual Membership Meeting
Fun was had by all who attended the 33rd Annual Membership Meeting and Party! The Co-op served a record number of owners—1,480 to be exact—brats, or their vegetarian and/or vegan counterpart, beans, beer, and a small dose of a business meeting. The owners approved the minutes from the previous Annual Membership Meeting, heard a report on sales categories and their percent of total sales and the general expenses of the Co-op, were introduced to the candidates running for the Board, and had an opportunity to win a few incredibly awesome prizes. After the meeting, tunes were played by a local band—the Bob Westfall Band played something called sci-fi-hill-billy-techno-pop.

The Co-op staff that made this event happen is to be complimented for their hard work and team spirit! The Annual Membership Meeting and Party is a major event for the Co-op to host each year. And each year systems are improved and we manage to serve more people. You outdid yourselves this year. Thank you!

Additionally, I want to thank Peter Robertson of PR’s Pasta and Linda Jameson and Ron Arm of Equal Exchange for their generous contribution of time and product donated to enhance the menu! I need to also express my sincere thanks to David Day for managing the beer, soda and water dispensing, along with his staff from the Crystal Corner Bar.

Annual audit
The Finance department is in the throes of preparing for the year-end audit. Fiscal year 2007 ended July 1st and fiscal year 2008 started July 2nd, but the closing of the books takes roughly nine weeks after the year-end date. Finance Manager Gene Hahn has been responsible for this function for the last 11 years—thank you for your attention to detail and fine reporting capabilities! The report from the auditors will be presented to the Board for review and a synopsis will be included in the Annual Report to be distributed in the fall.

Board of Directors
It is encouraging to see the candidates that have stepped forward to run for the Board of Directors—10 candidates have submitted statements for you to read and are included in this issue of the Reader along with your ballot and a postage-paid envelope. The Board needs strong dedicated members to shepherd the Co-op through the opening of the next retail site. Good luck to those running.

I wish to personally thank Tamara Urich-Rintz for the three years she has served on the Board—and Cara Coburn, who was able to fill only one of the three years she was elected to serve last—she too deserves a thank you!

The original plan designed by the Board in March 2007 had been to present for membership review a revision of the bylaws and a vote this month, but that timeline has been extended. The Board has hosted and plans to host additional informational sessions for owners to learn about the proposed changes. Please become informed of the issue and plan to attend one of the upcoming informational sessions.

Ballot envelope
Oh, heavens, no... the 2007 ballot envelope is labeled incorrectly—even though it reads Board of Directors and Bylaw Ballot, use it anyway to send in your ballot for the Board!