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Customer Comments

A clarification about Borax
Q: Your “It’s Easy Being Green” article is very helpful. I have had and continue to have a question about the need to dissolve the Borax in hot water before using even after calling the Purex customer service number and reading all the tips on the “20 Mule Team Borax” box. The Purex rep says it does not need to be dissolved; many of the tips on the box suggested using warm water. Would you have a source for a more definitive answer?

A: Thanks for your comments! Most sources I’ve found suggest using warm or hot water for more complete dissolving­—especially if you are adding to laundry it helps avoid clumps of wet borax. If you are using cold water, you would probably want to dissolve the Borax first, unless you could stir or agitate it, as with a scrub brush or by shaking in a spray bottle. Try any books by Annie Berthold-Bond or Ellen Sandbeck for more green cleaning tips. -Kathy Humiston, Newsletter Writer

Two favorite words: “free dinner”
Q: Thanks so much for the fabulous dinner and annual meeting! The best part was receiving the Willy Street bag of treats, of course. I urged my next-door neighbor to attend also, because his two favorite words are “free dinner.” Thanks again to the staff!

A: You’re very welcome—thanks for the kind words! -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager

Organic hamster chow
Q: My pet hamster is not impressed with your selection of organic hamster chow. He’s promised to nibble off my toes while I sleep if this isn’t changed. For the sake of my toes, My GOD, please stock organic hamster chow for my hamster and perhaps some free therapy for me.

A: Check out Mad Cat down the street. They should have what you’re looking for. -Lucas Barraza, Grocery Merchandiser

Product request
Q: It would be great if you carried a “rinse agent” for automatic dishwashers—Ecover has one and I think another brand too. Ecover is my favorite brand but any alternative to jet dry would be great. Thanks.

A: We are going to bring this in! Keep your eyes peeled in the upcoming weeks! -Lucas Barraza, Grocery Merchandiser

Super dark chocolate
Q: You should have the super dark (black) Lindor truffles.

A: I’ll see what I can do to bring this in! I tried on the other day and it was yummy! -Lucas Barraza, Grocery Merchandiser

Cart logistics
Q: I know cart area is tight, but I’d appreciate if motored shopping carts for the physically disabled are parked in the way that doesn’t block kids’ “navy” colored carts.

A: We will look into rearranging this space a bit so all carts are more readily accessible. We have made one attempt to rearrange the cart area that made both the powered scooters and the kids’ carts available. Unfortunately our new arrangement has made it hard to get to the black carts meant to carry infant car seats or to have toddlers seated on them. It had been our impression that very few people use these but since our change a few folks have requested another rearrangement. So... please bear with us as we iterate this again.- Dan Frost, Eastside Store Manager

Extra paper
Q: At your new store, could you explore the option to print or not print customer receipts? Viroqua Co-op does this. If the customer wants a receipt, s/he requests for it to be printed. Otherwise, they do not automatically print receipts.

A: We will be using the same register system we now use in the new store and that system is not capable of only printing receipts on demand. We may only be a few years away from replacing our register and will certainly look for this feature in our next one. For now, the best we can do is recycle your receipt for you. -Dan Frost, Eastside Store Manager

Charcoal chimneys
Q: I think it’d be great if the Co-op sold charcoal chimneys (maybe instead of lighter fluid!) They work great (grilling experts swear by them) plus no burned petrochemicals in the food or in the air.

A: We are currently researching a vendor to buy the chimneys from. We will be bringing them in as soon as we are able to find the right vendor to suit our needs. Thanks for the suggestion. -Vanessa Tortolano, Housewares Buyer

Dishwasher soap woes
Q: The Earth Friendly dishwasher Wave soap you sell does not work at all in my dishwasher. I’ve asked around and other people have also had bad experiences. I have to rewash just to get off all the soap scum and then I waste water and energy. You should consider another brand or at least putting a sign up by the product. Thank you.

A: Sorry for your waste of time and energy! We’re going to discontinue this product from our cleaning set! -Lucas Barraza, Grocery Merchandiser

New organic pickles
Q: Cascadian Farms apparently no longer makes pickles and the ones you have contain yellow food dye... Can you find a pickle without food dye? (All brands at Woodman’s have dye so it’s pretty common!)

A: We just brought in a new organic pickle line! It’s housed right where the Cascadian used to be! -Lucas Barraza, Grocery Merchandiser

Heavenly hazelnut spread
Q: Missing the delicious Nocciolata hazelnut chocolate spread! Please get it again!

A: This product was discontinued by one of our vendors. However, we do carry the Nutella spread! - Lucas Barraza, Grocery Merchandiser

Lactose-free cream or half and half
Q: Do they make Lactaid as cream or half and half? Thank you!

A: I contacted the company Lactaid and they do not make cream or half and half. They said that your comment would be given to their marketing department for future consideration. Thanks! - Matt Hofstede, Grocery Supervisor

Yesterday’s news
Q: I wonder if you could save newspapers right until the next day batch comes. I often notice articles that I want to get in hard copies (and give out to my family members in other cities) after 9 (I’m a busy mom with young kids) and count on Coop for a few copies the next morning, but no luck so far.

A: Part of our closing procedure is to pull that day’s newspapers so we will get credit for the unsold copies. We receive the next day’s paper so early the previous days are usually gone before we open. Sorry! -Kristin Esselstrom, Front End Manager

Thanks for the memories
Q: This is a very late letter, but I wanted to let everyone at the Coop know how much fun we had at this year’s membership meeting.
We live in Wausau and drive down once a month to shop at the Coop. Our monthly visit coincided with the meeting, so we decided to brave the party and a major shopping trip late in the day with our two children, 3 and 5 months.
It was worth it! We totally enjoyed the food and fun and seeing lots of people, running into friends, just being there.
To cap it off, we had one of your employees offer to walk our cart (a very large shopping trip!) to our car, which was parked 3 or 4 blocks away. I would have never imagined that we would have someone extend such kindness to us, especially at the end of a very hectic day. It turned out to be such a blessing that we didn’t have to coordinate kids, car, grocery pick-up, etc. and just loaded everything up at the car and sent the cart back.
THANK YOU! for being such a great Coop, for having awesome employees and for being a part of the community. We’re so grateful to be members. P.S. We also love our canvas bags and all the goodies inside.

A: You’re welcome! We’re glad you had a great time. -Liz Wermcrantz, Reader Edito