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Our Delivery Service

Our next store has already opened and is doing quite a bit of business! In fact you read about it here two months ago! We sell nearly everything we sell in our Eastside store, we’re open nearly 24 hours a day and, we deliver. Of course I’m talking about shop.willystreet.coop—a service we are affectionately branding our Co-Shop. In our August Reader Chris Hoffman wrote to introduce you to shop.willystreet.coop. In his article, Chris explained much about the service—it is a member-only service, you can easily find most of the items we carry online, and you can have your purchase shopped for you and either held for your pick-up or delivered to your door! How can it get any better than that?

I’ve been asked to focus on one way in particular—that you can shop your own groceries in our store and still have us deliver them. Some may wonder about how such a service could benefit them, but consider...

Shop on your lunch hour
We know that a lot of you shop on your way home from work because our busiest time of day is in the hours surrounding 5:30pm. We also know that a lot of you enjoy our award winning Deli and other fresh foods for lunch (again, because the lunch hour is another busy time of day—though this crowd is a bit more dispersed and easy to navigate). One way to use our co-shopping service is to shop for your groceries on your lunch hour then leave them with us to bring home to you in the evening. Enjoy a nice lunch in the store or bring it with you, then relax on your way home from work!

Walking and biking
Another use to put our Co-Shop to is to walk or bike or bus to our store, even for those big shopping trips. We try to use a bike for delivery of small local orders and we combine deliveries whenever possible to make the use of our own delivery vehicle as efficiently as possible. If the growth of this service continues as it has been since its inception, we may have opportunity to supplement our one delivery van with a more efficient biodiesel or hybrid vehicle. In any case, the opportunity to help more individuals and even families live without one car per person or perhaps even any cars at all has been a big, err, driving force in our development of our the Willy Street Co-Shop.

Perhaps you simply do not want the hassle of carrying all your groceries from car to home or have many errands to do and want to hit the Co-op during an early slow time. Maybe you are helping a homebound friend and fitting the shopping in is easy one week but finding time to deliver it is difficult. (Do keep in mind that we are happy to work directly with all members, even those who can’t use shop.willystreet.coop. Just give us a call at 237-1234!)

So our Co-Shop is much more than shop.willystreet.coop may initially reveal. We see it as a cooperative effort between you and us in which we assist you in one or more ways in completing your shopping. We hope you find it useful!

Under our control
I’d like to highlight one less obvious aspect of shop.willystreet.coop and our co-shopping service-it is completely under our control! Many online shopping sites rely heavily on third-party vendors like MyWebGrocer for providing an internet shopping presence. We have not. We have built our service ourselves, with intense support from another hugely successful cooperative effort: the open source software movement. What this means for you is that we will be continuously working on improvements to our service and our site. We have many enhancements in mind already, but we encourage you to bring us ideas about what you’d like to see possible—either on shop.willystreet.coop or with our co-shopping service itself.

To use shop.willystreet.coop
You must me a member of the Co-op and our Customer Service staff must have your e-mail address on file. Please either stop in or call Customer Service to get us your e-mail address or use the tools found by following a link for new users on the site’s log-in page. To have an order that you’ve shopped delivered for you, please stop at Customer Service and inquire!