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Bring home the bacon
Q: Please bring back Lange’s bacon. It’s local AND organic AND it is delicious.

A: Thanks for your inquiry. As for bringing this product back, I’m sorry but with limited space we need to keep our biggest sellers and cut the items that don’t really move. However, that is not to say you can’t still get this product. If you are interested in this or any other item we do not carry on our shelves, please call and ask about placing a special order. Thank you. -Pearl Weinandt, Grocery Manager

Wonderful Wallaby
Q: I love Wallaby yogurt and I am so happy when it is on sale. I buy at least two of every flavor. Perhaps you could have an “EISP” for everyday international sale price for items like this (even though it’s not really from Australia).

A: I love the Wallaby yogurt too! It is a great product. It would be great to have it on sale all the time. Unfortunately, most of our sales are manufacturer-driven and so it is costly for us to just run the sale on our own. It is a great idea though. Thanks for your suggestion! -Dean Kallas, Purchasing Manager

Feedlot meat concerns
Q: Please stop providing feedlot meat. It is evil! And Willy has better options!

A: We do offer conventional beef and pork in our meat case recognizing that our mission is to offer options to the entire membership, some of whom cannot afford the organic or locally produced items offered. I recognize the compromise this represents but the non-organic option is provided by a local butcher, and people do use this option. -Wynston Estis, Downtown Store Manager

More cookies, please
Q: Please consider vegan chocolate chip cookies on a more regular basis. They seem to sell fast! Love Willy’s Co-op. Thanks!

A: Thanks for writing. We’ve been trying to work out a way to have more of all the cookies. We’ve bought some more bins and are now looking into incorporating more production into our current schedules and storage space. -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

Bring back the Burger
Q: What happened to Nature Burger in bulk? I refuse to buy mixes like that in boxes—it’s expensive and wasteful. But I miss making Nature Burger!

A: Thank you for your comment. Our distributor has brought this product back. You’ll be happy to see that this product is back in the bulk aisle. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator

Product requests
Q: 1. Please continue to carry the Planet liquid laundry soap. It is coconut-based and has no corn or soy like all the rest. 2. Please carry Enjoy Life Foods’ chocolate chips because they are the only chocolate without soy lecithin. Thanks!

A: 1. We cut this due to it being a slower mover in that set. We brought in a bunch of new products from Mrs. Meyer’s. You can still order Planet as a special order. Call and ask for someone in pre-orders! 2. We’re bringing this in! Thanks! -Lucas Barraza, Grocery Merchandiser

Fix the scale
Q: Please fix scale in bulk for use of fare. The digital display is not readable. Register scale requires a wait and slows an already big area.

A: The scale in the bulk aisle has been replaced with one that has a working display. -Jim Jirous, Maintenance Coordinator

Gluten-free bakery
Q: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love that you are now offering gluten-free bakery! My favorite so far is the pumpkin bar and apple muffin. Next up... gluten-free bread?!?

A: Thanks for the great feedback. We’re glad you’re enjoying our new “sub-catalogue” of products. Up next is semolina bread, but the sky’s the limit—we may work on non-gluten bread after that. Keep an eye out! -Josh Perkins, Off-Site Kitchen Manager

New store location concerns
Q: Just wanted to voice my disappointment about the new store location. So close to existing store that it doesn’t bring a co-op much closer to many members’ homes (whether Nside, Wside, outlying areas). Members in those areas will still be car dependent to buy “green.”
Personally, I don’t come to co-op to buy prepared foods (as the new store will carry more of)—I come for produce and bulk goods, ingredients to keep the whole foods alive. I felt that last round of voting on the undisclosed new location was truly underhanded and deceptive. I voted “yes” thinking the co-op would be based in the neighborhoods of many of its decades-long/several-decades-long members. I wonder if the location had already been earmarked and then the vote taken. Next time, I expect you’ll garner a much less positive outpouring of support.

A: Thanks for your comments, but I must disagree with some of your points. We’ve had numerous members tell us in the binder at the information station, via e-mail and in person that they were very happy to have it so close to them. It was the best location for the Co-op to serve existing members and gain new ones. Produce and bulk will still be major areas in the new store, but our marketing studies suggest there will be a greater demand for prepared foods there. We tried to be as transparent as we could about location. We gave a geographic area, gave our site criteria but could not be specific due to confidentiality agreements. Right before the ballots were sent, the Board President sent out a postcard saying that a favored site had been identified, so in a way you are correct. I’m sorry if you felt this was underhanded and deceptive, but as the person who wrote most of the materials, I think the reasons we conducted the vote the way we did were presented accurately, clearly and repeatedly. -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager

Removing the stink
Q: Please put an earth friendly air freshener or clean the women’s restroom so that it doesn’t smell like urine. Thank you so much.

A: In addition to being spot checked, the restrooms are cleaned twice daily. We try to keep the use of chemical and artificially fragranced cleaning supplies to a minimum. We use a hydrogen peroxide and orange-based cleaner on the floors and an enzyme-based product to flush the floor drains to try and stay on top of the problem without exposing our chemically sensitive customers to products that may cause them health problems. I have purchased a volcanic ash mineral product that claims to eliminate odors naturally by attracting positively charged odor molecules to the negatively charged minerals. I hope this will take care of the problem. -Jim Jirous, Maintenance Coordinator

Dogs in the entryway
Q: I take my dog with me on all errands. She gets a long run and I can spend time outside with her. The insinuation on your pet sign that my unattended dog is neglected is insulting.

A: Thanks for your comment. We have had some problems in the past with dogs scaring some members, and with dogs being left for long periods of time. We felt that we had to word the sign as we did so these types of things didn’t happen again. I’m sorry that you felt insulted by the sign, but we ask that dogs are not left unattended in the entryway due to repeated member requests. -Brendon Smith, Communications Manager

Vegan chocolate syrup
Q: Please make non-dairy chocolate syrup available at the juice bar. There are several shakes and other drinks unavailable to vegans and those with dairy allergies if we can’t eat the syrup. Thanks!

A: Thanks for writing. We use Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade chocolate syrup in the Juice Bar—and it is vegan! Hooray! -Dan Moore, Prepared Foods Manager

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