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Deli Platters

It’s that time of year again. Time to prepare for family gatherings, and to order platters—because you don’t have time to prepare for family gatherings, it’s the holidays for heaven’s sake. So here’s the lowdown on what the Deli offers, where to see pictures, how to order, and how to pick up your platters. There are 10 different Deli platters. Here’s our list, with a brief description of each:

The Fruit & Cheese Platter
A selection of seasonal organic fruit perfectly complemented by our favorite cheeses from around Wisconsin and around the world.

Domestic Cheese Platter
This combination features Wisconsin-made cheeses including mild yellow cheddar, Colby, Gouda, and goat cheese.

Imported Cheese Platter
An exquisite display of imported cheeses including: Brie, chèvre, and other seasonal specialty cheeses from Willy Street Co-op’s own delicious selection.

Meat & Cheese Platter
A pound each of Willow Creek Farm ham and Willy Street’s roast beef, as well as Applegate’s oven-roasted turkey, share top billing with Wisconsin-made Swiss, provolone, and cheddar.

Crudités Platter
Arranged into a colorful mosaic, this mouth-watering array of veggies is hand-selected from our own exceptional Produce department and accompanied by the Deli’s own veggie cream cheese or spinach dip.

Spinach Bowl
Freshly baked, crusty La Brea sourdough bread stuffed with Willy’s Own amazing spinach dip. Served with extra baguette slices and plenty of raw vegetables for dipping.

Willy’s Wrap Platter
An assortment of ham, turkey, and veggies rolled into a flour tortilla with lettuce, tomato, and cream cheese. Garnished with carrot sticks, cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes. A hit at any party.

Southwest Platter
Head south of the border with a collection of tortillas filled with southwestern-inspired dips and spreads. Surrounded by our own freshly made salsa.

Mediterranean Platter
Feta-stuffed pepperoncinis, kalamata olives, steamed artichoke, and chunks of Asiago cheese surround a trio of the Deli’s own Mediterranean-themed dips: artichoke paté, spinach dip, and hummus. Accompanied by lightly toasted pita bread.

Middle Eastern Platter
A sampler platter highlighted by our versions of the Middle Eastern classics (tabouleh, hummus, and baba ganouj) arranged with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. Accompanied by lightly toasted pita bread.

To see a picture of each of these platters, go to our website (www.willystreet.coop/platters.html) or...you can stop by the Deli counter and take a look there. Ingredients and looks vary from season to season depending upon availability but you’ll get a good idea of what’s available. What’s not available this time of year is an organic all-fruit platter. Sorry! Prices and availability change so frequently for fruit in Wisconsin this time of year we just can’t offer it.

To order Deli platters
Call the Co-op at 251-6776 and tell them you want a platter. They’ll transfer you back to the Deli and one of our staff will take your order if you already know what you want. We can also walk you through the process if you’re uncertain.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

  • The Deli platters are meant as hors d’ouevres to compliment your meal, and feed roughly 10 to 12 as such.
  • Platters are available with 48 hours notice. Although exceptions may be made, they’re rare.
  • Platters from the Deli are available for pick-up only.
  • We can’t reuse the platters once you’ve taken them home, so don’t worry about bringing them back.
  • Vegan options are available for all our platters, excepting of course the meat and cheese and the two cheese platters.
  • Wraps can be cut into as small as three pieces; beyond that and you’ll be getting salad.
  • We require a 50 percent deposit on platters, a rule we’re less likely to bend during the holidays due to the sheer number of orders we get. This deposit can be paid when you place your order, or over the phone if you are comfortable giving our Customer Service folks your credit card number.
If you are looking for a more substantial meal, check out the catering list on our website at www.willystreet.coop/catering.html. We don’t really consider the platters catering; they’re snacks. For a real meal, you’ll want to talk to Josh and Matt over at the Kitchen (they deliver!)

If you do order platters, stop at Customer Service when you come to pick them up . They’ll run over to our big cooler, pick your order up and bring it right up to the register area. No more trying to get through the store doing the platter-balancing act!