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Activating your Co-op web account

Are you a Willy Street Co-op Owner? Do we have your current email address on file for your Fair Share account? If so, then a web account has been created automatically for you and activating it is easy.

Just go to this address and enter your Owner number or email address to request a login link.

Next, you'll receive a one-time login email with a link. This will take you to your account. Here you need to enter a new password and then click save.

Congratulations! You are now able to log in to at any time anywhere using your Owner number and the password you just created.

tree imagesWhile you are here, you can help us save a few trees and opt to receive our monthly newsletter by email instead of paper mail.

Signing up here will let us know you want to remove your name from our paper newsletter mailing list. If you would prefer to receive your Reader by paper mail as well, after saving your Reader preferences on your account, please or call Ashley at (608) 251-0884 x734, our Owner Records Administrator, including your full name and Owner number, to make that request.

If you're not sure what email is listed on your Owner account, or if we even have one on file for you, you can either stop by the Customer Service desk and fill out a short contact information update form, or call Ashley at (608) 251-0884 x734, our Owner Records Administrator, with your full name and Owner number.