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Community Reinvestment Fund

The Community Reinvestment Fund (CRF) application period for the 2014 grant cycle has ended. Applications for the 2015 CRF grants will be posted on January 2, 2015.

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A History of Grassroots Giving

Since 1992, the Willy Street Co-op Community Reinvestment Fund has contributed $317,000 to making a difference in the quality of life for our community by supporting developmental projects, educational projects, and events that are consistent with Willy Street Co-op's goals. Cooperative Principle #7, Concern for Community, is the primary motivation for the Williamson Street Grocery Cooperative (WSGC) Community Reinvestment Fund. 

This annual sowing of community seeds is funded through unclaimed and abandoned equity money that has accumulated over past years. Specifically, our bylaws state: “the Co-op shall dedicate any funds (equity) remaining unclaimed to educational and charitable purposes.”

Each year, a mailing is sent to the last known address of any owners who still have equity in WSGC, but whose accounts have remained inactive for over a year. Once/if contacted, those owners have the option to renew their Fair Share contract by making an equity payment or, to withdraw the equity (cancel the contract), or donate their equity to the Community Reinvestment Fund.

Grant Guidelines

Grants may be awarded to projects covering one or more of the following topic areas: food, nutrition, cooperatives, sustainable agriculture, health and well-being, and social change. Examples of the diverse array of projects we have funded in the past include:

  • Health conunseling and information for farm workers
  • Community garden projects
  • Adaptive cooking classes for blind adults
  • Local farm voucher programs for those living on low-incomes
  • Cooperative energy education

This funding primarily focuses on providing grants to local, nonprofit groups with limited access to funding. Priority will be given to organizations working on projects benefiting the Madison and Middleton metropolitan areas. In Fiscal Year 2014, the Fund Committee has awarded $30,000 to 18 organizations.

Members of minority and protected classes are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Below are links to pages with CRF grant awards for previous years: