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Community Room Rental & Gallery Space

Please visit our Community Room Calendar to view current public events (private events are not listed. 

Rental Information

The community rooms at each store are available for rent by Co-op Owners and organizations. Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance of the event with the Owner Resources Coordinator at the store where the individual or organnization plans to rent space. This allows for ample turnaround time to respond to requests. Rental time inclues setup, meeting, and cleanup time. We do not prorate fees. Payment and all paperwork are due within five days of making the reservation. 

  • Individual Owners and private groups: $25 per four hours.
  • Nonprofits and cooperatives: $15 per four hours.
  • Kitchen Use: $100 deposit for all users. 

Rentals may occur on weekdays during store hours only. The Co-op does not schedule rentals on weekends. 

Capacity is 20 people seated theater style, and less for other seating arrangements. 

The meeting rooms are windowed and visible to the general public. Sounds can be heard both inside and outside the rooms. Please keep this in mind when seeking a quiet, uninterrupted, private space. 

The kitchens in the community rooms are not commerical-use certified and may not be used to process saleable items. 

Renters are not allowed to serve alcohol.

Money may not be exchanged at private events. Product demo and sales are not allowed. If a private event requires fees, please discuss needs with the Owner Resources Coordinator when making the reservation. 

The Co-op does not sponsor, advertise, or include any private rental listings in any publications or online. 

Showing Your Artwork in the Community Room

If you are an artist and are interested in showing your work in our Community Room, please contact  about Willy East events at (608) 251-6776 x332 or  about Willy West events at (608) 284-7800 x509.

Your exhibition to be displayed for two months. All work must be suitable for a multi-generational audience.

The views expressed by individuals and groups who hold private events or show art on Co-op property are soley those of the individuals and groups themselves, and do not represent the views of Willy Street Co-op. 

Rental and art exhibition privileges may be denied or revoked by Co-op Services Department Staff or a Manager on Duty for any reason, at any time.