Bylaw revisions

The Co-op Board of Directors has been working to revise the bylaws for over two years—working to draft a proposed set of changes to present to the membership that bring the governing document into the present. This work has included input from members, staff, and legal counsel. The final document will (hopefully) be presented for review this spring and there will be scheduled informational meetings where you can discuss the proposed changes. These changes are not just being made for the sake of change. For example, one proposed change places, in my opinion, appropriate authority in the hands of the people that have been elected as fiduciaries of the organization—the Board—to review and approve the proposed operating budget for the next fiscal year. But this proposed change is balanced with the requirement that the Board order an annual audit of the Co-op financials with the results being reported to the owners. This is a taste of what you will be asked to consider in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

For cart sake

Last week I received an anonymous comment requesting that the child-sized carts be pulled from service. Generally speaking we do not respond to anonymous comments, but this time I felt obliged to respond. The reason for the request was that this person had received personally injury due to these carts being operated “wrongly.”

I was involved in the original decision to purchase the child-sized carts, so I admit I may appear to be biased in my views on the importance these carts bring to the children that come to the Co-op. I speak from experience when I say that these carts have offered my children the ability to be included in the shopping experience—they are sized for them to be engaged in selecting product and placing it in their cart. Moving the cart through the store and placing lightweight items not under but on top of the heavier items are lessons they have had to learn. And, yes, on occasion, I have had to remind them to take it easy when turning a corner to prevent them from running into another shopper.

In fact, it was me that recognized the hazard that the small shopper might place on the average-sized shopper, which prompted me to have the flags installed on the carts to make them more visible. I do not condone the parent that does not pay attention to their child’s behavior (of course, there are parents that don’t pay attention to their children regardless of the size cart they use); they should. I request that when you have had your shins smacked because of a child wielding recklessly through the store, please consider asking the parent to use better judgment in guiding their child through the store before you think the best course of action is to pull the carts.

Bike rack, tree and signpost

A tree, bike rack and signpost were involuntarily “taken out” the other night at the front of the store ending what was reported by police as a high-speed chase. A new bike rack will be installed and another tree planted. In the interim, the Bike Federation of Wisconsin has loaned us a bike rack to use temporarily. I would like to thank the Bike Federation of Wisconsin for quickly stepping up to fill our unplanned need, and Peter Robinson of RP’s Pasta for carting the rack to the Co-op for our use.

In cooperation

The Regent Market Co-op Board of Directors called the annual membership meeting for January 23rd. The results of the meeting were too late for inclusion in this issue of the Reader. A report will be included in the next issue.

For more up to date information about RMC contact Jim Huberty, General Manager, at:

Store closing early

The store will be closing early Monday, February 12th at 7:00pm for our annual staff party.